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Introducing the YOU CAN programme to help Year 10 students

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Shropshire Council today announces the launch of the YOU CAN programme, working alongside transformation partners PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers).

The YOU CAN programme is a programme for Year 10 students, with a focus on building employability skills, increasing aspirations, and support to set goals and how to achieve them. The YOU CAN programme will help students extend their horizons by giving them a real understanding of the many opportunities available to them once they leave school.

As part of the pilot programme we’ve invited 40 students from Lakelands Academy, Ellesmere and Oldbury Wells School, Bridgnorth to take part.

The YOU CAN programme will consist of seven unique sessions, each of which will be led by experts from Shropshire Council and PwC. Sessions will help students express themselves with confidence, appreciate the importance of working in teams, understand the many opportunities open to them and how to get the career they want. They will learn practical skills around writing CVs, how to apply for jobs, and how to succeed at interview.

PwC logo

PwC logo

Students will also be invited to visit the PwC offices in Manchester, where they’ll learn about the latest technology and how innovations in virtual reality and artificial intelligence are changing the workplace.

The final session will be mini careers fair, where students can meet local employers and learn about career opportunities at both PwC and Shropshire Council.

Kirstie Hurst-Knight, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for children and education, said:-

“I’m delighted to support the YOU CAN programme for Shropshire pupils. Far too often students are told what they can’t do. Let’s change that.

“As the name suggests, the YOU CAN programme is all about what students can do. They can dream big and aim high. They can write that CV, apply to that job, nail that interview. They can use the latest tech to impress employers. Ultimately, they can get the career they want.

“There are so many opportunities available to young people right now, but students don’t always know what they are. The YOU CAN programme will open eyes and broaden horizons, and inspire students to believe that anything is possible.

“I really believe that the YOU CAN programme is a brilliant scheme for the young people of Shropshire, and a further commitment to Shropshire Council’s aim to help as many of our residents to live their best lives.”