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Cabinet asked to approve Shropshire’s Market Position Statement

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Shropshire Council’s Cabinet will be asked to approve Shropshire’s Market Position Statement at their meeting on Wednesday 13 March 2024.

Shropshire’s Market Position Statement sets out how the council will work with the health and social care market to manage demand and intervene early to enable children, young people, adults and carers to remain well and independent.

The Market Position Statement has been developed in collaboration with commissioners and providers of services across social care and health. The document details the principles on which providers should operate their businesses to:-

  • manage demand through strength-based reablement and developing models and services that will support the principle to improve or maintain independence
  • create a versatile, cost effective and sustainable market place
  • promote and develop inclusive access to all services
  • develop people-centred support with choice and quality services
  • develop and promote information and advice
  • work across health, education, children and young people’s services and adult social care to integrate our commissioning and market management
  • invest in early help, prevention, and community services
  • improve and embed mental health and wellbeing across all services
  • support and develop the health, family/carer support and social care workforce
  • develop a sustainable market through innovative sustainable solutions.

Cecilia Motley, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for adult social care and public health, said:-

“Shropshire’s Market Position Statement is designed to support and inform providers working in Shropshire, or intending to work in Shropshire, of what our future intentions are for commissioning and developing children’s and adults’ social care and health opportunities.

“As a council we have statutory duties to meet the care and support needs of adults, children and young people, and our Market Position Statement highlights the opportunities to align resources to support all ages.

“Whilst we and our provider market are facing unprecedented financial challenges, it is critical that we manage demand much better than what we have ever done before. It is clear that the current models of delivery are no longer sustainable, with increasing demands, and change is needed.

“I hope Cabinet members will agree this is an extremely comprehensive and important document, which will set the right direction of travel for working together and thinking creatively on how we support children, young people, carers and adults.”

Kirstie Hurst-Knight, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for children and education, said:-

“We know that Shropshire must move to a preventative model: being proactive rather than reactive, with a clear focus on demand management.

“We are working collectively to drive improvements to services and ensure early intervention; and where necessary, smooth transition of services from children to adults. We want the market to align to these opportunities, and consider how services can be diversified to meet needs, and not put people into boxes.

“Our Market Position Statement has a much wider focus than any previous ones. With a stronger emphasis on community-based commissioning within localities, and recognising the strength and contribution of communities in prevention and early intervention for our residents’ wellbeing.

“We hope providers will find it informative and useful in shaping their business to meet the needs of Shropshire residents. It is only by working in collaboration we will meet the challenges together.”

Shropshire’s Market Position Statement will support the market to inform business decisions, and ultimately ensure care and support is provided at the right time, in the right place and at the right price.

The Market Position Statement will be published, reviewed and updated regularly. An action plan will be developed to provide an overview of the work carried out to deliver the objectives of the Market Position Statement.

To read the Cabinet report, and the full version of Shropshire’s Market Position Statement, click here.