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Slava Ukraini: Ukrainian residents join forces to mark two-year anniversary of Ukraine invasion

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Today (Friday 23 February 2024) Ukrainian residents joined Shropshire Council and local charity Shropshire Supports Refugees to mark the second anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine, on 24 February 2022.

The event was marked by raising the Ukraine flag outside Shirehall, Shrewsbury, and also marks the Government’s Slava Ukraini campaign to draw attention back to the war in Ukraine, whilst injecting optimism and a sense of hope by humanising the conflict.

Left to right – Laura Fisher, Rob Caffery, Amanda Jones, Deb Phillips, Emma Hughes, Cecilia Motley (Cabinet member), Dean Carroll (Cabinet member), Jacki Cairney, Mila Prysyazhna, Olya Voropay, Stefanie Walczak.

Left to right – Laura Fisher, Rob Caffery, Amanda Jones, Deb Phillips, Emma Hughes, Cecilia Motley (Cabinet member), Dean Carroll (Cabinet member), Jacki Cairney, Mila Prysyazhna, Olya Voropay, Stefanie Walczak.

The public are invited to join Shropshire Supports Refugees’ “Stand with Ukraine” event tomorrow – Saturday 24 February 2024 – at the Shrewsbury War Memorial monument in The Quarry park, from 11am to 12pm.

Since the first families from Ukraine arrived in Shropshire under the Homes for Ukraine scheme, the council has been working with a range of partners to support families to settle in the county.

Hubs which were set up across the county have been busy offering advice, support, activities and training and education opportunities.

To date 765 Ukraine citizens have resettled in Shropshire thanks to Shropshire Council’s refugee resettlement team, along with Shropshire Supports Refugees and other organisations and communities across the county.

Dean Carroll, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for housing and assets, said:-

“Marking the two-year anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine not only gives us time to reflect on the terrible conflict that has been inflicted on the Ukraine people, but also a time to hope for the future and that peace prevails.

“Nearly 800 Ukrainian citizens have arrived in Shropshire since the conflict began, many of which are thriving in the county.

“We couldn’t have done this without the kindness and humanitarian support of our local communities, and I thank everyone who have helped our Ukrainian friends settle in Shropshire.”

Cecilia Motley, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for adult social care and public health, added:-

“It’s been lovely to meet Ukrainian residents at our flag raising event today, and to speak to those who we’ve been supporting.

“We continue to support our new residents from Ukraine. The response of the people of Shropshire has yet again been overwhelming in the wake of the ongoing situation in Ukraine. I’m really proud in the way Shropshire Council, our partners at Shropshire Supports Refugees, and of course the people of Shropshire have responded to the Ukraine crisis and want to thank everyone for their warmth and hospitality.”

Amanda Jones, Chief Executive Officer of Shropshire Supports Refugees, said:-

“The two-year anniversary of war starting was something none of us expected to see.

“I personally feel deep sadness for the people whose lives this has affected so deeply, who we have come to consider our friends and colleagues, not able to make plans for the future, torn between family left behind and family they have here. Lives on hold, and the longer it goes on the harder it is for people to decide what next moves to make in their lives.

“Shropshire has help settled hundreds of Ukrainian citizens, and I’m very proud of the way that they have coped in these difficult circumstances, but the support from Shropshire Supports Refugees, the council and the public has been exceptional.

“I have personally felt very privileged to be able to create a support network around our Ukrainian friends to bring them a little bit of a sense of belonging, to feel hugely welcomed and assisted in beginning their new lives in Shropshire, no matter how long they are able to stay.

“Working as a co-ordinating body, and working closely with the council, we are sure they know we have their backs.

“We hope our actions have reduced some of the ongoing trauma our friends hide so well.”

Stanislav Kudym, from Ukraine, and Community Hub Supervisor at Shropshire Supports Refugees, added:-

“The lives of all Ukrainians changed forever two years ago when the Russian Federation invaded the peaceful country.

“Ukrainians are a strong, indomitable and unconquered nation. Tomorrow is the day they will always remember. Thanks to unbelievable support from the UK, a lot of Ukrainians found peace in beautiful Shropshire, but the war is still there in their home. It’s important to talk about it.

“Tomorrow at 11am, near the Shrewsbury War Memorial in The Quarry park, will be the Ukrainian voice in Shrewsbury, when Shropshire Supports Refugees and Ukrainians will show not only our support and solidarity but also unity and indomitability.

“We invite everyone to join us on this day to honour together the lives of fallen Ukrainians, and pray for peace not only in Ukraine but also in the whole world. Ukrainians are so grateful for the support in Shropshire and hope that peace will come back to their beautiful motherland!”

You can find out more about Shropshire’s Ukrainian resettlement scheme at Homes for Ukraine | Shropshire Council