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Premiere of Ukrainian documentary film “WOMEN” this Sunday

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A Ukrainian film-maker, who fled her home in Kyiv the day after the Russian invasion in February 2022, is preparing for the premiere of her documentary “WOMEN”, which focuses on the emotional strength of the women affected by the war.

“WOMEN” will be screened at the Old Market Hall in Shrewsbury this Sunday 7 January 2024 at 12.30pm, and guests will also take part in a question and answer session with the documentary’s director and producer Lora Arkhypenko .

"WOMEN" - new Ukrainian documentary film

“WOMEN” – new Ukrainian documentary film

Lora, who has now set up home with her five-year-old daughter in Welshpool, says she was fortunate that they were offered a safe haven by a family from Chirbury after fleeing Kyiv, and her recent experiences have inspired the documentary.

She said:-

“When my life changed, my thoughts were consumed. The happenings of the world seemed insignificant, as my world – along with that of all Ukrainians – crumbled unexpectedly.

“When I came here, I thought all the time: ‘What do people feel in such circumstances? What do they do? Why are British people so kind and were ready to open their own houses?’

“I began to investigate this topic and as a result, this film was born. The documentary film WOMEN is about Ukrainian women. This is a film about real emotion and real power. A story about the strength of women who continue to move, no matter what.”

Lora, who is originally from Odesa, was studying for a degree in film-making when she and her daughter were forced to flee Kyiv.

She added:-

“After five months we moved from our kindhearted host family to the nearest town, to have the possibility of dropping off and picking up my daughter to/from school.

“During the same year, I enrolled at Newtown College to continue pursuing my media and creative industry degree. It was during my time at Newtown College that I received tremendous support in creating a documentary, which has now earned me a Level 4 Diploma.

“Once my daughter asked me about my biggest dream and without thinking, I answered: ‘To get an Oscar’. An Oscar, for me, is a confirmation that you are talking about important things.

“By talking about important things, you turn the world upside down, making people think about things they haven’t thought about. For a creator, this is the most important achievement.”

Robert Macey Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for culture and digital, said:-

“Lora’s experiences are unimaginable for so many of us and I am sure her documentary will prove to be both insightful and thought-provoking.

“The screening on Sunday will allow people the opportunity to talk to Lora about her documentary and learn more about the people who are affected by the ongoing conflict.”

“WOMEN” is being screened at the Old Market Hall in Shrewsbury on Sunday 7 January 2024 at 12.30pm. Following the screening, there will be a dedicated time for a discussion and Q&A session. Guests will have the opportunity to share their thoughts, ask questions, and engage in meaningful conversations about the film.