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‘Do not use’ warning for UPP batteries for e-bikes

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Shropshire Council’s trading standards team is warning consumers not to use UPP e-bike batteries as they have been linked to a number of fires across England.

Following intelligence reports received from trading standards and Fire and Rescue Services, the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) is taking enforcement action and warning consumers about a brand of e-bike battery – UPP – that has been linked to a number of fires across England.

Five online marketplaces have been issued with Withdrawal Notices which require them, in their roles as distributors of the product, to stop supplying the UPP battery. OPSS has also issued a Withdrawal Notice to 20 sellers directly, and has also issued a Withdrawal Notice to the China-based manufacturer.

Consumers are being advised not to use the battery and contact the seller for further redress. Batteries can also be disposed of in local household recycling centres; however, consumers should check first with their local centre if they accept this type of battery.

For more information, please read the Product Safety Report: UPP Battery E-Bike Battery Packs sold via Amazon, AliBaba, eBay, Made in China and Desertcart (2401-0083) – GOV.UK.

Further information on e-bike safety can also be found by accessing this important safety message.

Further information

For an e-bike to be legal in the UK, it must come with a pedal-assist motor and have a maximum power output of 250 watts. The electrical assistance must cut off when it reaches 15.5mph / 25kmph, and it cannot be ridden by anyone under the age of 14.