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Shrewsbury’s LevelUp Escapes expands due to overwhelming success

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Shrewsbury’s new escape room experience LevelUp Escapes will be expanding within the town’s Darwin centre and opening a brand-new high-tech escape room experience called ‘Mission Abducted’ on 22 July, with bookings opening on 8 July.

Owned by 19-year-old local entrepreneur Nathan Green, LevelUp Escapes is committed to delivering captivating and immersive escape room experiences to visitors.

‘Mission Abducted’ incorporates state-of-the-art technology and puts guests’ skills and critical thinking to the test while incorporating valuable feedback from their initial game to level up the escape room experience even further. This is a multi-layered game with hidden twists and unexpected turns, which transports participants into an otherworldly abduction scenario, on board an alien spacecraft, featuring intricate puzzles, thrilling challenges, and mind-bending mysteries – plus all the senses will be needed to solve puzzles.

With a theatre and scenic design background, Nathan Green set out a goal to create escape rooms, which put guests’ skills and critical thinking to the test. Nathan works with set builders from across the UK, ensuring the very best quality sets are created that make people feel immersed in ultra-realistic scenes and environments.

The first room offered by LevelUp Escapes – themed around Indiana Jones and called Ark Raider – received brilliant reviews, highlighting their commitment to customer satisfaction. They have attracted a diverse and enthusiastic audience, and their central location within The Darwin has also allowed them to attract last-minute bookers too.

Nathan Green, founder of Level Up Escapes, said:

“LevelUp Escapes has always, from day one, strived to create unique and memorable experiences for our players. Escape rooms are my personal passion and I have put everything into making this a success. We are incredibly proud of ‘Mission Abducted,’ and we believe it represents a new era in our journey. The feedback we received from our initial game has been invaluable, and we have used it to refine our craft and enhance the overall experience.

“We’ve worked with a fantastic team of electrical engineers and prop builders to bring this vision to life. Our commitment to our customers is at the core of everything we do, and we are thrilled to bring them an even more immersive and exhilarating escape room adventure with ‘Mission Abducted’!”

Kevin Lockwood, centre manager of The Darwin, said:

“It’s incredible to see LevelUp Escapes expand so quickly. They are a real success story and we’ve been very supportive of their vision. Their location is perfect, so in addition to bookings they pick up a lot of passing trade in the centre. What I’ve also really noticed is the audience is so vast – from 20 to 70-year-olds – their offer really appeals to everyone, and they’ve created a real buzz in the centre. What Nathan has achieved in such a short time is remarkable and I can’t wait to see what he has in store next!”

The venue is located on the middle level of The Darwin, opposite M&S. Each game lasts 60 minutes and costs from £20 – £25 per person, depending on the size of the team. As two rooms are available, they can now provide team building experiences for up to 12 people.

The escape room is suitable for all ages and children 15 and over can experience the escape room on their own.