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Business, strategic locations and upskilling discussed by Shropshire Economic Partnership 

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Three delivery groups, part of the Shropshire Economic Partnership (SEP), met for the first time earlier this week in Shrewsbury.

This follows the inaugural meeting of the SEP board on 13 April 2023.

The groups have been established as part of three strategic pillars of the Shropshire Economic Growth Strategy and will focus on: business, place, and skills.

The role of the delivery groups will include creating action plans for each of their respective themes, generating funding calls and opportunities, and regular project performance reviews.

Shropshire Economic Partnership logo

Shropshire Economic Partnership logo

The delivery groups are made up of SEP representatives from the private, public, education and voluntary sectors, and individuals have been matched to a delivery group in accordance with respective expertise/field of work.

Each delivery group will now lead on creating an action plan, which aims to be agreed by the SEP board this Autumn.

Lezley Picton, Leader of Shropshire Council and Chair of the SEP, said:-

‘It’s great to hear the delivery groups are already up and running following the inaugural SEP board meeting earlier this month.

“These groups are made up of industry experts who are going to be real makers for change across the Shropshire business scene.

“I look forward to hearing more about the action plans each group creates, and how the plans can complement one another to ensure Shropshire has got it covered in terms of supporting our local businesses, attracting new ones, retaining and nurturing our talented workforce, and raising the profile of our county as a fantastic place to invest.”

Dean Carroll, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for growth, regeneration and housing, shared:-

“Having strong delivery groups is fundamental to the success of the partnership board.

“The now-established delivery groups will be able to really drill down into the detail of their specific theme, how it relates back to the growth strategy, and how they can all contribute towards creating a healthy economy for Shropshire.

“The board is made up of some of Shropshire’s key businesspeople, and the delivery groups can enact as a trusted voice to ensure the board’s actions and work is focused, credible, and aligned with the wants and needs from our business community.”