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Supreme Court judgement re land off Greenfields recreation ground, Shrewsbury

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In light of the judgment handed down by the Supreme Court on Wednesday 1 March 2023, Shropshire Council notes that following very detailed consideration of the relative legislative provisions, the Supreme Court has reached a different view to the Court of Appeal and High Court decision, and accordingly has quashed the planning permission which was granted by Shropshire Council in 2018 for 15 dwellings on land off Greenfields recreation ground, Falstaff Street, Shrewsbury.

We will study the judgement carefully, in particular what this now means for the planning application which becomes undetermined when the quashing order is made.

The terms of the Court Order by the Supreme Court have not been settled yet therefore we cannot comment with regard to costs.

In view of the unanimous decision by the Court of Appeal that the planning decision was lawful, the council felt that it had no option but to defend the appeal in the Supreme Court. However, the Supreme Court have come to a different view as they are entitled to do.