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Resurfacing and other road improvements planned for April

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Resurfacing work on the A41 in July 2022

Resurfacing work on the A41 in July 2022

Three Shropshire roads are set to be resurfaced in April – with several more due to be treated by Multihog road planer machines.

Resurfacing work is being carried on the following roads out as part of Shropshire Council’s resurfacing programme for the year 2023/24.

  • Tuesday 11 to Friday 14 April (7am to 5pm): C4233 – Hall Road, Ditton Priors (map ref 4300292)
  • Monday 17 to Friday 21 April (7am to 5pm): U2914 – Cherry Way, Market Drayton (ref 28200958)
  • Monday 24 to Friday 28 April (9.30am to 4pm): C2082 – Mill Street to Church Street, Prees (ref 28200399)

More information can be found by entering the appropriate reference number on the One.Network interactive website.

A Multihog treating potholes in south Shropshire

Meanwhile the Multihogs will be tackling potholes and other defects on a number of roads in central Shropshire

  • 3 to 4 April: Nobold Lane, Shrewsbury
  • 5 April: Home Farm Junction Main Road to Earls Hill, Pontesbury
  • 17 to 21 April: A41 from M54 junction 3 to A5 Pickmere
  • 22 April: M54 junction 4 Castlefarm
  • 24 to 26 April: Chirbury to Whittery
  • 27 to 28 April: Copthorne Park, Shrewsbury

And in the south of the county, Multihogs will also be preparing the following roads for surface dressing work later this year.

  • B4361 from Overton Farm Junction to Richards Castle village
  • B4367 –from Lingen Bridge to Hereford and Worcester Boundary
  • A489 Heblands Bank, to Owl’s Lane. Lydham
  • B4384 School House Lane, Lydham
  • A488 – from School House Lane to A489, Lydham
  • C4237 Harcourt, near Lower Chorley, to junction Litley House

More than 60 roads will be surface dressed across the county this year.