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Adults using social care services invited to complete national survey

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People who use adult social care services in Shropshire are encouraged to take part in an annual adult social care survey which launched earlier this month (January 2023).

The Personal Social Services Adult Social Care Survey England is a national survey that is repeated every year. The survey, which forms part of a national programme led by NHS Digital, selects a sample of people who receive care and support services either in their own homes or in residential care.

The survey asks questions about their quality of life and the impact the services they use has on their health and wellbeing. This year’s survey includes additional questions about safety and access to information.

The 2022 to 2023 survey runs from January to March 2023. People will be sent a questionnaire by post, including a freepost return envelope. All of the answers given will be treated as confidential.

Shropshire Council will analyse the results and share them anonymously with NHS Digital, who will collate the results from all councils and publish the national results in October 2023. The results will also be published on the council’s webpage here.

Cecilia Motley, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for adult social care, public health and communities, said:-

“We are very grateful to everyone who gives their time to complete a survey and share their views on the services they receive, and how this influences health and wellbeing.

“The information is extremely valuable and helps us to understand where things are working well, and where people may feel improvement is needed. 

“Those selected to take part may have received their letters already. The survey is based on mainly tickbox or multiple choice questions, and is designed by NHS Digital to be as simple as possible to complete. So please do complete it if you receive one.”

 Tanya Miles, Shropshire Council’s executive director of people, added:-

“The Adult Social Care Survey results are used in lots of different ways. The results help us to understand more about how services are affecting people’s lives and their impact on quality of life, but they also help us to see how we are doing compared to other areas of the country. We can learn how the experiences of people receiving social care in Shropshire differ and compare to people living elsewhere in England.

“Not everyone will receive a survey, but those who do will also receive a freepost envelope to return the survey. If you need any help completing the survey you can either ask a friend or relative to help, or phone Shropshire Council’s customer services helpline. The details are all included in the covering letter. We can also provide easy read, large text versions of the survey, and surveys in another language for anyone who needs a translated copy.

“Please do your best to take part if you receive the letter. If you do not receive a letter in January, you may still be selected to participate during February to ensure we have representation from people using a range of different services.”

Help and support is at hand for those who are selected to take part. Those who may struggle to complete the survey can contact Shropshire Council’s customer services on 0345 678 9077. This year’s survey will close on Friday 10 March 2023 and the results are published in October each year by NHS Digital.

People can find out the results from previous years’ surveys here:

NHS Digital (All results)

Shropshire Council (local results)

Passionate about adult social care?

If you haven’t been chosen to part in the national Adult Social Care Survey you can still have your say about adult social care service you receive and help make a positive difference to people’s lives.  Shropshire’s Making it Real Advisory groups offer people the chance to discuss their concerns, experiences and views on how services can be improved.

Shropshire Making it Real are currently looking for new Experts by Experience board members. That’s someone who has lived experience of adult social care and support in Shropshire – either directly or as an unpaid carer.

To find out more, email makingitreal@shropshire.gov.uk or visit the Making it Real webpages here: https://www.shropshire.gov.uk/shropshire-choices/making-it-real-mir/