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Families sheltered by Shropshire Council after homes flooded in sub-zero temperatures

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Shropshire Council’s emergency planning team was called into action when six families were left without power or water in sub-zero temperatures.

The families, including a cat and a dog, faced being left in crisis when a burst pipe wiped out electricity and water supplies to their homes in Severn Street, Shrewsbury, on Friday evening.

Shropshire Council’s emergency planning team was alerted to the situation by Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service and immediately set up an emergency rest centre for those affected at Coton Hill House.

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Sherry Woolgrove, Shropshire Council’s civil resilience team leader, said:-

“We were alerted to the situation by our partners at the fire service when they were unable to contact the property’s landlords.

“We immediately made arrangements to support the families involved. We were able to provide them warmth and shelter at Coton Hill House until suitable overnight accommodation could be found.

“All the people involved were grateful for our help as being faced with homes without power and water in sub-zero temperatures was not a good situation to be in. We made sure they were fed and warm before they were moved to a hotel by the housing association.

“I’d like to thank our staff volunteers, our Emergency Planning Duty Officer and the Housing Options Team for the support provided to the families on that evening.”

Shropshire Council Leader Lezley Picton, added:-

“Volunteers in our emergency response team stepped up to help those families in their moment of need and I would like to thank them for their swift and efficient response.

“I was pleased we were able to keep the families safe and warm at Coton Hill House while we worked to find them overnight accommodation. It was a tremendous effort by all involved and an excellent example of how Shropshire Council works to keep communities safe.”