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Changes to Shropshire Council’s Cabinet  

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Leader of Shropshire Council Lezley Picton has announced some changes to the council’s Cabinet – the part of the council which is responsible for most day-to-day decisions. 

The Cabinet and the main areas of responsibility are now as follows:-

Lezley Picton – Leader, and Cabinet member for policy, strategy, improvement and communications. 

Gwilym Butler – Cabinet member for finance and corporate resources. 

Dean Carroll – Cabinet member for growth and regeneration. 

Rob Gittins – Cabinet member for culture and digital. 

Kirstie Hurst-Knight – Cabinet member for children and education. 

Simon Jones – Cabinet member for adult social care and public health. 

Richard Marshall – Cabinet member for highways and regulatory services. 

Cecilia Motley – Cabinet member for health (Integrated Care System – ICS) and communities. 

Ian Nellins – Deputy Leader, and Cabinet member for climate change, environment and transport. 

The changes reflect an increased focus on health and on economic growth. 

Lezley Picton said:-

“These changes reflect developing areas of importance for us following changes nationally and regionally.  

“I also want to thank Ed Potter who, due to the pressures of running a flourishing business, has stepped down from the Cabinet. He has done a great job and will be missed.”