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New recycling wheelie bins to be delivered from next week

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A black wheelie bin with a purple lid

One of the new bins

New wheelie bins for recycling cans, plastic and glass at the kerbside will start being delivered to households across the Shropshire Council area from next Tuesday (3 May 2022).

The new wheelie bins are available on request, and since January this year more than 77,000 households have placed an order.

The first bins will be delivered in the Ludlow East electoral division on Tuesday 3 May, followed by Ludlow North division, Ludlow South and Cleobury Mortimer. Deliveries will then be made across the rest of south Shropshire, followed by the rest of the county, in subsequent days and weeks.

It’s hoped that up to 800 bins will be delivered each day.

All bins ordered by 1 April [2022] are currently being manufactured by Telford-based Craemer UK Ltd ahead of their delivery.

Bins ordered since 1 April will be produced and delivered later in the year.

Video: what goes in your new bin?

Ian Nellins, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member with responsibility for waste management, said:

“We’ve had a phenomenal number of requests for these new bins and I know many people can’t wait to receive theirs. So I’m delighted that the wait is nearly over and that the first bins will be delivered from next week.

“Many people will have to wait a little while longer for theirs, so we ask them to bear with us and we’ll get their bin to them as soon as we can.

“And if anyone hasn’t yet ordered a bin, the message is that it’s not too late – please just visit our website and make a request online.”

To order a bin visit the Shropshire Council website.

Once the new bin has been delivered, people can keep and re-use their recycling boxes – perhaps as planters or for storage – or take them to a recycling centre to be recycled.