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Have your say on proposed improvements to Clun’s roads

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Clun Highways and Traffic Working Group (CHTWG), a partnership between Shropshire Council and Clun Town Council with Chapel Lawn, is encouraging people who live in the town to have their say on a number of proposed improvements.

The group has been working together over the last few months to develop a package of measures in the town that address road drainage and maintenance, and improve the management of the road space and the way in which people and transport move around within it.

It is hoped that these measures will help to relive concerns about congestion, road safety and an accumulation of traffic management measures such as roadsigns and lines over the years, making the historic town look cluttered.

The consultation will open online on Monday 28 March 2022 and will remain open until Wednesday 13 April 2022. The consultation will be at https://www.pinpointcloud.co.uk/clun , when it goes live next week.

Clun Masterplan vision diagram

Clun Masterplan vision

Those unable to view the proposals online will be able to see them at Clun Memorial Hall on Tuesday 29 March 2022 from 2pm. At 6pm there will be a presentation, and those attending will be able to have their questions answered virtually by the technical team.

Dean Carroll, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for physical infrastructure, said:-

“We’re really excited to show you what we’ve been working on and to hear your thoughts.

“Clun is a beautiful town and it’s important that we get the look and feel right, while making sure that it’s safe for people walking and travelling around or through it.”

Nigel Hartin, local Shropshire Councillor for Clun, said:-

“A lot of work over the last couple of years by the Clun Traffic Group, working with Shropshire Council, has gone into getting improvements which, we hope, will benefit all those who live, work and travel into and out of the town: and we would really value wider community involvement through this consultation, so that we can be confident we’ve got it right.”

Brian Angell, Chair of Clun Town Council with Chapel Lawn, added:-

“Work on this was started by the Clun Town Council with Chapel Lawn over four years ago.  The town meeting then, and the work of over 20 volunteers, has informed what is being presented now. It has been a long process and at times hard getting to this stage: your views on the outcome are important.

“The town council is very aware this will affect many more who live in the valley outside of Clun and your views are needed too. We recognise there will be disruption at times, and your thoughts on when this may impact the least will be helpful.”

CHTWC was set up in January 2020 to enable Shropshire Council and Clun Town Council with Chapel Lawn to work together to come up with a joined-up package of road improvement measures in the town centre.

The main aims of the group are to:-

  • Build consensus on defining and delivering a programme of road maintenance and traffic management improvements in Clun that address road drainage and condition and traffic management.
  • Build upon local aspirations to improve the look of the roads and balance the needs of all users, with an emphasis on minimal roadsigns and lines, improving pedestrian facilities and managing HGVs.
  • To offer collaborative representation and lead on consultation with the local community on a package of proposals.