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“All In” activity programme supports autistic young people in Shropshire

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The “All In” activity programme, managed by the Actio Consortium on behalf of Shropshire Council, provides important opportunities for autistic young people to join in and benefit from activities in their local community.

Autistic young people often find it difficult to join community-based activities and so can miss out on the opportunity to build their confidence through learning new skills and participating in groups and activities.

All In is part of Shropshire Council’s short breaks offer for children and young people up to the age of 18, who would find it difficult to access mainstream groups.  It offers a range of fun activities throughout Shropshire, including horse-riding, canoeing, dance and small social groups.

All In provides welcoming and supportive experience, where staff are trained to work with neurodiverse young people, understanding how to best support them to get the most out of the activities on offer.  Many autistic young people have benefited from and enjoyed activities on offer through All In, particularly following the third Lockdown, and we are seeing how success in All In activities can lead to other opportunities too.

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World Autism Acceptance Week: 28 March – 3 April 2022

One parent carer recently wrote the following about their experience of their child joining an All Inactivity:-

“R has Autism (pathological demand avoidance), high anxiety and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (a physical disability causing constant pain and unstable joints)………… R rarely leaves the house and does not socialise, even with family, due to high levels of anxiety. However, after the first pony care session, R said she felt calm in her tummy, she looked calm and the smiles were amazing!…………… It is not possible to put into words the difference in R after just four sessions. R has never responded this positively with any specialist teacher or medical expert, and she has met lots! She is also getting physical exercise which is good for maintaining her mobility. She is enthusiastic and excited about future sessions.”

Further information about the Actio Consortium and the All In short breaks activity programme

Actio is a consortium made up of Energize Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin; PACC (Shropshire’s Parent Carer Forum); and Ignition CIC. These organisations came together to help improve and develop the community activity offer within Shropshire for children and young people aged 0-25 with SEND, and their families. After conducting research, Actio has a good understanding of the challenges faced by providers of activity opportunities and the barriers faced by families in accessing them.

As a consortium, Actio’s aim is to improve the range, quality, and access to activities to help children and young people with SEND thrive in Shropshire. Actio want to see an offer that supports SEND children and young people to develop their social skills, physical health, work towards their individual identified outcomes and importantly to have some fun.

Actio is really excited to have been commissioned by Shropshire Council to deliver the All In non-assessed social care provision offer having secured funding for a contract delivery term of April 2021 to March 2024. Over the course of three years Actio is working more closely with families and providers to improve develop an improved support offer, and expand the range of opportunities available across Shropshire.

See www.actio.org.uk or contact info@actio.org.uk

The All In programme is part of Shropshire Council’s Early Help service for children aged up to the age of 18 who live in Shropshire and have a disability that prevents them accessing universal services without additional support. From April 2021 the All In activity programme is managed and commissioned on behalf of Shropshire Council by the Actio Consortium.

All In short breaks are available to families when universal services aren’t able to meet the needs of their disabled child, and provide a range of opportunities such as youth clubs, holiday schemes, horse-riding, cycling, forest school, drama, arts, football etc.

To take part in All In activities families need to register their child as a member. This is so that Shropshire Council can ensure that these short breaks reach the right families, children and young people, and to ensure that each child is safe and their wellbeing is planned for. Once the membership application is received, it will be checked to ensure that the child or young person is eligible.

For more information see https://shropshire.gov.uk/the-send-local-offer/social-care/short-breaks/all-in-programme/

local.offer@shropshire.gov.uk   0345 678 9063