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£500,000 scheme launched to find nature-based solutions to flooding

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A £500,000 scheme has been launched to deliver a nature-based solution to flooding.

The Severn Rivers Trust, with partners from Powys County Council, Shropshire Council and the Environment Agency, has launched the start of the Guilsfield Brook Project.

The project will now deliver targeted nature-based solutions across the Guilsfield catchment in Powys. This work will support in reducing flood risk to a number of homes as well as the B4392 and A490 roads.

The project is a ‘demonstrator’ for the work of the River Severn Partnership. This means it will test out and deliver new ways of working which help in the reduction of flood risk across the Severn catchment, and provide approaches which help everyone in the area to understand and deal with the challenges faced by climate change.

The project is the first joint work between English and Welsh partners within the River Severn Partnership.

It will also provide information on the economic benefits of soil and water management on rural land. Working with landowners, the hope is that this provides helpful information for how we best work together to meet all our future needs.

The project marks the start of a long-term catchment based approach under the River Severn Partnership.

Mark Barrow, Shropshire Council’s executive director of place and economy, and Chair of the River Severn Partnership, said:-

The recent flooding over the last few years has re-emphasised the need for different approaches.

No one organisation or community can address the challenges we face with the River Severn.

The River Severn Partnership is about bringing everyone together to think and act in an integrated way, right from the source in Wales to the sea in Gloucestershire.

We are really excited this project marks the start of a shared journey to address the challenges but also opportunities we face with Britain’s longest river.

Nigel Brinn, Corporate Director of Economy & Environment at Powys County Council, added:

We note the important work of the RSP and are keen to see how we can work constructively across the border with this much-needed innovative and ambitious partnership.

The river of course recognises no such boundaries and the co-ordinated efforts of all key stakeholders is needed to make the catchment wide improvements that we all seek.