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Coronavirus: Director of public health urges caution as remaining coronavirus restrictions lift

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During the seven-day period between 11-17 February 2022: 

  • 1,374 new COVID-19 cases reported 
  • The 7-day infection rate for Shropshire was 422.2 per 100,000 
  • It was 378.5 per 100,000 for the West Midlands, and 443.1 for England 
  • 42 beds were occupied by COVID-19 patients 
  • 2 COVID-19-related deaths in local hospitals 

(Note: due to an error with the data published last week, these figures reflect the correct cases and infection rate for 11-17 February) 

COVID-19 weekly stats, 11-17 February 2022 infographic

COVID-19 weekly stats, 11-17 February 2022

Rachel Robinson, Shropshire Council’s director of public health, said:-

“This week the Prime Minister announced the Living with COVID-19 Strategy, which includes the decision to lift all remaining coronavirus restrictions such as the legal requirement to self-isolate, and reduced testing. 

“While cases are continuing to fall in Shropshire thanks to your efforts and a high vaccination rate, the pandemic isn’t over.

“We must learn to live safely with it and continue to manage our risks. This means things like considering whether it is safer to wear a face covering in crowded areas or when you meet with someone vulnerable.  Keeping up to date with vaccinations and boosters is also important. Free tests are still available until 31 March: please consider using these when you meet with people who are more high risk.” 

The measures we have adopted more regularly during the pandemic, such as good hand hygiene, also continue to play a part of people’s everyday lives. This will not only help to reduce the spread of coronavirus, but other viruses and illnesses too. 

“The pandemic has undoubtedly had an impact on us all, so please be considerate towards those who maybe more nervous about restrictions lifting. This can be a worrying time for people who are at greater risk.” 


Simon Jones, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for adult social care and public health, said:-

“We are in a very different place to where we were two years ago when the pandemic began. Thanks to all your sacrifices and the incredible vaccination programme, we are finally in a place where life can really start to return to normal.  

“However, while the law has changed, we are still encouraging residents to be cautious. There were 42 people being treated for COVID-19 in hospital during this time, which shows that there are still vulnerable people out there who will become seriously ill. We must protect these people and keep the pressure off the NHS. 

“As always, it’s never too late to get vaccinated. Click here to find your nearest walk-in clinic for the 1st, 2nd or booster dose.”