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Tech Severn 2021 to focus on how technology can help tackle climate change

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Tech Severn 2021 will focus on how technology can help the world to tackle the greatest challenge in human history – climate change.

This free conference, organised by Shropshire Council, will take place virtually on Wednesday 16 June and Thursday 17 June 2021, and everyone is invited.

Tech Severn 2021 logo

Tech Severn 2021

Andy Begley, Shropshire Council’s chief executive, said:

“I think we can all agree that none of the world’s challenges loom as large as climate change, which threatens to disrupt economies and societies on a global scale.

“It is something that we as a council are extremely serious about and, as many will know, we have set a 2030 target for becoming carbon neutral.

“This free conference is just one of the ways we can make a difference, and of course encourage and inspire others to do the same.”

Tech Severn 2021 leaflet

Tech Severn 2021 leaflet

Tech Severn 2021 will explore the crucial role technological innovation has to play in the council’s efforts to:

  • Reduce its carbon footprint and achieve ‘net-zero’
  • Drive a new generation of global sustainability
  • Mitigate the impacts of climate change
  • Protect its built and natural environments.

The conference brings together a line-up of world class keynote speakers from the cutting edge of technology, sustainability, biodiversity and government policy, including:

  • Dr Vian Sharif, Head of Sustainability at FNZ
  • Steve Backshall, wildlife expert and TV Presenter
  • Ellen Wilson, Sustainability and Smart Cities at Microsoft
  • Sarah Tennison, Head of Clean Growth at Innovate UK

Andy added:-

“The conference promises to provide a clear roadmap for the actions we need to take as businesses, individuals, and as a society in the coming decades.

“I am amazed by the interest we’ve already received. With influential keynote speakers from all over the world, it’s a conference not to be missed.”

For further information and to book a free place, people should visit www.techsevern21.co.uk

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