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More time to comment on Shrewsbury North West Relief Road planning application

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Due to the significance of the Shrewsbury North West Relief Road planning application to the local community, Shropshire Council has extended the consultation period from the statutory 30 days to 56 days, to allow more time for people to consider the proposal and submit their comments.

Consultation on planning applications can include a range of methods including email, letter and site notices. It is typical for the site notice to be displayed on a date following the other methods of notification as part of the planning officers site assessment, so the 56-day date in this case will correspond with the display of the site notices, which is Friday 7 May 2021.

Planning applications are time sensitive and there are defined periods for determination which can be extended by agreement with the applicant. Comments submitted in the consultation period are preferred, as this enables the planning team to identify the key issues to be addressed with the applicant at an early stage in the process. Notwithstanding this, any comments received beyond the consultation expiry date and prior to decision will be taken into consideration.

The determination date for the application has not yet been decided, but is expected later this year.

To date, a significant number of comments have been received. These all need to be checked before being loaded onto the portal, and understandably this takes time. They will, however, all be taken into consideration before a decision is made.