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Cardington ford footbridge replacement – UPDATE 29 November

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The unclassified road from Brook House Junction to Folly Bank Crossroads in Cardington has been closed from 16 November 2020 to carry out footbridge replacement works adjacent to the ford. Recent water levels at the ford have been too high to cast the concrete abutments and, therefore, a slight delay has happened with the installation of the footbridge, which will now be installed on Tuesday 1 December 2020.

Traffic is being diverted using local roads by a signed diversion route via Folly Bank and Wilstone. Access through the current works for pedestrians and dismounted cyclists and equestrians is prohibited.

After 1 December, the road will be reopened to traffic, but the restriction to pedestrians over the new footbridge will remain until Friday 4 December while the remaining works are completed.

The work is being undertaken by the council’s term maintenance contractor Kier, with supervision by the council’s term consultant WSP.