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Shropshire Council to plant trees at Corbet Wood

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Shropshire Council’s outdoor partnerships team are set to plant up to 50 trees at Corbet Wood on Saturday 30 November 2019 and anyone is welcome to join them to plant a tree.

Trees being planted include the native holly and oak as well as scot’s pine which is a particular feature of the landscape. Rowan will also be planted.

An image of the woodland at Corbet Wood where an event to plant trees is to take place on 30 November.

Corbet Wood

The tree planting follows a commitment by Shropshire Council in the spring of 2019 to plant 345,000 trees – one for every resident living in the county.

Shaun Burkey, Shropshire Council’s countryside and heritage sites manager (North), said:

“We live in a dynamic and living landscape where trees play a very important role. Planting of trees in the right place offers communities the chance to engage with their natural environment and reminds us we all have a part to play looking after and cherishing our green spaces.”

The project to plant the 50 trees was kicked off by a local resident whose initial enquiry set the wheels in motion. Miss Buszka will also be helping the outdoor partnerships team on the day.

The event will start at 11am and tools and guidance will be provided to those taking part. If you would like to take part, you can meet the team in the car park at Corbet Wood.

The tree planting also coincides with the national Tree Planting Day which is coordinated by the Woodland Trust.

Shropshire Council’s outdoor partnerships team manage 15 sites across northern Shropshire covering a total of 315 hectares. Many of the sites are specialist wetlands home to peat-bog and fen habitats which are extremely important and rare.

To find out more about Shropshire’s Great Outdoors and the activities available across the county, visit the website.