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Climate emergency tree in Ellesmere

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News from our partners – Ellesmere Town Council

This Saturday, 30 November, Ellesmere will be celebrating National Tree Charter Day with the planting of a tree in the town’s Cremorne Gardens.

Ellesmere Town Council has recognised climate change and global warming as a climate emergency. As part of the initiatives being taken to reduce carbon emissions and promote the environment, the Council has signed-up to the Woodland Trust’s Tree Charter.

To mark National Tree Charter Day on 30 November 2019, a eucalyptus tree will be planted adjacent to the “Ssshhh” sculpture in Cremorne Gardens next to The Mere.

The town council invited representatives from local schools and youth groups to attend the planting ceremony, and hope to be able to plant more trees around the town in the future.

The planting ceremony will take place at 9.30am led by the Town Mayor, and members of the community are invited to attend.

For more information about Ellesmere Town Council, visit the website.