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Paying to park in Ellesmere and Wem – an update

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As part of the roll-out of Shropshire Council’s new parking strategy we have been trialling the removal of the pay and display machines in the Spar Bridge car park, Ellesmere, and the Mill Street car park, Wem.

As a result, since 28 January [2019] it has only been possible to pay for parking in these car parks by phone, text, smartphone app or internet using MiPermit (see video below).

Having received a large number of questions, comments and complaints about this change we have now agreed to reinstate the pay and display machines in these car parks so that coin payments can be made in addition to cashless parking.

This will require an update to the pay and display machine software, which will be carried out as soon as possible.

Leek Street car park, Wem
Meanwhile, we will amend the signage in Wem’s Leek Street car park to permit the use of the payment machines on High Street car park. This will allow coin payments to be made within a reasonable distance of the Leek Street car park if required. This will be completed as soon as possible

Paying to park with MiPermit – video

For more information about parking in Shropshire Council’s car parks, visit www.shropshire.gov.uk/parking.