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Innovative technology conference hailed great success!

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TECH Severn Conference 2018 at Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury

TECH Severn Conference 2018 at Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury












A national conference which took place in Shrewsbury this week has been hailed a great success by organisations across the UK.

The TECH Severn Conference 2018 which took place on Tuesday 18 July, at Shrewsbury’s Theatre Severn, showcased technology that could help solve many of the challenges faced by councils and businesses across the UK.

The event organised by Shropshire Council’s housing team, exceeded organisers expectations with visitors from as far afield as the South West and South East of England, Wales and the north of country.  

Attendees at TECH Severn 2018

Attendees at TECH Severn 2018

Forty one companies from across the UK and beyond including Hitachi, Amazon, Tunstall, TESLA and Elements-Europe took part in the conference.

Hundreds of attendees

Over 600 delegates from across the UK who attended the event, witnessed how the latest innovations could transform their organisations approach to technology and how this technology could help them save costs and time, and possibly even lives in the future.

Keynote speakers

BBC Radio Shropshire’s Vicky Archer chaired the event and introduced key speakers including Tomorrow’s World presenter, Maggie Philbin OBE and the Rt Hon Paul Burstow.

Tech demonstrations at TECH Severn 2018

Tech demonstrations at TECH Severn 2018

World of technology

Delegates were transported into the world of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D and futuristic technology creating a real buzz which was infectious with many business partnerships and delegates, exhibitors and speakers interacting and experimenting with the many gadgets on show.

‘Walking the Plank’ a virtual experience involving walking a plank which appeared to be hovering over a New York skyscraper had many attendee’s either squealing in delight or in terror. Attendees also had the privilege to drive the latest TESLA car around the town,  walk into a virtual cave or igloo or ‘dance in the virtual rain’. 

Exhibitors demonstrated how technology can detect falls in the elderly or vulnerable, detect whether they have taken their tablets, made the morning cuppa or got out of bed.

The Obi machine showed how it could feed those who find it difficult to feed themselves, e.g. those with Parkinson’s disease.

There were queues for the Dementia Virtual Tour and this so deeply moved people that one delegate was inspired to tweet ‘I will certainly change the way I work with people who have dementia, I learnt such a lot today’.

A great platform to network and exchange ideas

Andy Begley, Director of Adult Services and Housing said about the event;

“We are so delighted that our TECH Severn was a great success.  There was an amazing buzz about the place where I witnessed some real and genuine conversations from like-minded people, taking hold.

“TECH Severn is about bringing technology, innovation and creativity together.  The event offered representatives from all industries, the opportunity to understand what technological possibilities and solutions are out there.

“The conference also provided a fantastic arena for people to network, exchange ideas and start to think about how technology, backed by creative and innovative thinking, can change peoples’ lives for the better.

“We were already over-subscribed this year, so we’re looking at what we can do next year to further expand this event, as there has been so much interest from professionals, the industry and from members of the public.”

Putting Shropshire firmly on the map of technological innovation

Councillor Nic Laurens, Cabinet Member for Economic Growth and one of the presenters at the conference added;

“It was fantastic to see so many people involved from both the private and public sector.

“TECH Severn gave us an insight into the art of the possible and presented us with the opportunity to showcase the inventive and pioneering work we are doing in Shropshire.

“Being the birthplace of the industrial revolution, I am extremely proud that Shropshire is also becoming one of the key leaders in the new technological revolution.

“This is great for our county, great for the local economy and puts Shropshire on the map as ‘the county to move to set up your business and to live’”.

Amazing achievement

Clive Wright, Chief Executive of Shropshire Council also commented saying.

“I would like to congratulate Andy and his team for hosting this ground breaking event”

“This was an amazing achievement for the Council with many businesses looking to locate here, recognising that Shropshire is a great place to live from which at least a substantial part of the next industrial revolution can be developed.

“I can’t imagine a more impactful and positive impression being made than the one delivered by Tech Severn! It shows what we can do – we have done it! I am really looking forward to next year’s event.”

Trending on Twitter

The day also saw Shropshire’s TECH Severn Conference become one of the top hot topics on social media across the UK with only Brexit trending higher.

For more information about the event visit https://shropshire.gov.uk/whats-on/whats-on/tech-severn-conference-2018/

TECH Severn logo

TECH Severn logo

You can also view a video on Connected: Local Government TV here: https://connectedlocalgovernment.tv/post/the-new-technology-enabled-social-care-is-struggling-into-life-its-heart-and-its-head-are-in-the-right-place-but-it-needs-help-encouragement-and-money.

Preparations are now taking place for TECH Severn 2019.

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Speakers include:

Chair: Vicki Archer, BBC

  • Maggie Philbin OBE, President of the Institute of Engineering Designers and co-founder and CEO of TeenTech
  • Rt Hon Paul Burstow, Chair, Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) London South Bank University Previous Minister of State for the Department of Health will talk about ‘TEC Futures: From Technology Enabled Care to Technology Enabled Care’
  • Professor Kevin Doughty, Visiting Professor of Digital Transformation of Care Services University of Cumbria, Director iCUHTec International Centre for Usable Home Technology will discuss “Using Digital Care Technologies to Improve Quality and Choice in Satisfying the Expectations of Commissioners and Consumers”
  • Andy Begley, Director of Adult Social Care & Housing, Shropshire Council will discuss the challenges and solutions for Shropshire Council
  • Sheila Mackintosh, Director and Housing Consultant at Mackintosh O’Connor Associates Ltd: Research Fellow, University of the West of England. Sheila has over 30 published books and reports to her name and will look at “Present and Future Homes for Later Life”
  • William McMorran, MD of award winning architects Architectonicus, winner of the Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo 2018 Award for Exceptional Contribution to Dementia Care will talk about “Advanced Architectural Models & Evidence Based Service Design”
  • Charles McCay, Managing Director of Ramsey Systems. Charlie has over 20 years’ experience working with healthcare information and international standards from HL7, ISO and CEN, to enable effective and safe sharing of information. He recently completed a datathon showcasing HL7 FHIR® DataThon at VITALIS & MIE2018 and will look at “Digital Health Pathways and Simulations – Evidence Based Healthcare and the Real World”