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Innovative scheme to be installed on A4169 Sheinton Street, Much Wenlock

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An innovative scheme will shortly be operational on A4169 Sheinton Street in Much Wenlock. This is to reduce problems caused by large vehicles passing through the very narrow section of this road.

Detection equipment in the road surface will determine if two large vehicles, travelling in opposing directions, are going to meet within the pinchpoint. If they are, one set of traffic signals will change to red to stop one direction of traffic and allow the other, including the large vehicle, safely through without meeting opposing traffic.

Large vehicles include buses, coaches, heavy goods vehicles and agricultural vehicles.

Additional detection equipment in the road surface determines when the large vehicle has passed through the pinchpoint and this will change the traffic signals to green to allow the opposing traffic to now continue.

The traffic signals will only stop traffic when it is predicted that both large vehicles are due to meet within the narrow point. All other times the traffic will not be impeded. Based on sample traffic data, it is anticipated that this will occur 4-5 times within peak morning and afternoon periods, and less frequently at other times. This will vary depending on what vehicles are using the road at the time – for instance, holiday periods and the harvest.

Side road traffic should join Sheinton Street as normal and is not affected by whether the traffic lights are on green or red.

The road remains as two-way traffic flows for all traffic unless instructed by the red traffic signal to stop to allow something large to pass through.

There will be a delay for some traffic on this route when the traffic signals are activated to red.

Simon Jones, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for highways and transportation, said:-

“This significantly innovative scheme will mean any delays will be less than occur at present, when conflicting large vehicles have to manoeuvre past each other, mounting the footway and, in some cases, causing all vehicles to reverse.

David Turner, local Shropshire Councillor for Much Wenlock, said:-

“I welcome this scheme, which will benefit pedestrians, residents and motorists in all vehicles.”

The work will also provide improved dropped kerb crossing points for pedestrians at locations where they currently cross. A footway link is being installed on the corner of Sytche Lane.

The traffic signals will be switched on and fully operational later this week – probably Friday 2 September 2016 – once full testing on the equipment has concluded.

The work has been designed for Shropshire Council by Mouchel Consulting, and constructed by Dynniq UK Ltd.