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Shropshire Seniors to receive £4,000 thanks to Shropshire Council help

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Shropshire Seniors are to receive more than £4,000 after Shropshire Council agreed to help redeem unused National Transport Tokens collected by the group.

National Transport Tokens have been issued since the 1970s and are accepted by bus, train and taxi companies. They can be used an alternative to the bus pass.

Having collected a large amount of unused National Transport Tokens from members and supporters, Shropshire Seniors contacted Shropshire Council requesting that these be redeemed at their face value, to help fund Shropshire Seniors’ ongoing work.

Shropshire Council has since worked with National Transport Tokens to redeem these, and will soon be passing on a reimbursement of £4,009.10 to Shropshire Seniors.

Simon Jones, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for highways and transport, said:

“Shropshire Council was very happy to work with Shropshire Seniors to arrange the reimbursement of the Transport Tokens collected, and pass this payment back to them. This will help the group to continue to support and fund the excellent work they do for their members and the residents of Shropshire.”

Margaret Cosh from Shropshire Seniors said:

“We are grateful to Shropshire Council for helping us with this project which will help us to continue in our work. It is so important that the voice of older people is heard in times of massive change.”