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Big Conversation a main topic at next Bridgnorth, Worfield, Claverley, Alveley and Brown Clee LJC meeting

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Shropshire Council is encouraging local people to come along to their next Bridgnorth Worfield, Claverley, Alveley and Brown Clee Local Joint Committee (LJC) meeting on Tuesday 6 October 2015 to talk about the issues that matter to them.  The meeting is at the Youth Centre, Innage Lane, Bridgnorth, WV16 4HS at 7pm.

The Big Conversation is the main topic, and Clive Wright, Shropshire Council’s chief executive, will be at the meeting.

Clive Wright said:-

“Over the past few years, central government has and continues to severely cut the funding it gives to councils. As a result of this, Shropshire Council has been working hard to maintain quality services for Shropshire people within a reducing budget. Since 2009, we have responded to these cuts and have made efficiency savings of £146m, through redesigning our services in more cost effective ways. Now we’ll need to do more.

“By 2021, the £43m revenue support grant we receive from central government will end, and we estimate that the council will be around £80m worse off due to the falling income coming into the council and rising costs.

“Faced with the need to make further substantial savings in the coming years, we have to ensure our priorities are driven by what Shropshire people expect us to do. Therefore we need you to tell us how to prioritise our budget.”

“In the coming months we will ensure that everyone in Shropshire gets the opportunity to give their views on the services they value, the services they don’t and the services they may consider to deliver themselves, or as part of their community.

“This is a Big Conversation and will continue for years to come, and it is not just something Shropshire Council are doing alone. As with all public sector organisations, such as the  NHS and police, we need to ensure that the public services we deliver meet the needs of our local communities. Therefore the Big Conversation involves everybody, and we’ll be working closely with our public sector colleagues who themselves are engaging with people across the county.

“We really want to know what you think, we will listen, we will feed back what we have done. It’s about you, not just about us.”

Councillor Christian Lea, chair of the LJC, said:

“This meeting will give local residents the opportunity to let Clive Wright know what services matter to them and to put forward suggestions as to what savings could be made. Councils up and down the country are faced with having to make huge savings, and so it is pleasing that Clive is coming to Bridgnorth to listen to local residents’ views.”

The local policing team will be present to provide an update on local policing and community safety issues. Also there will be an update on the recently formed Bridgnorth Area Youth Partnership by Scott Lawrence Chair of the Partnership.

This is a public meeting so everyone is more than welcome to attend.

For further information please contact Tracy Johnson, community enablement officer for the Bridgnorth, Worfield, Claverley, Alveley and Brown Clee LJC on 07990 085122 tracy.johnson@shropshire.gov.uk.

Further information

Bridgnorth, Worfield, Claverley,Alveley and Brown Clee LJC covers Astley Abbots Parish Council (PC), Alveley and Romsley PC, Aston Botterell, Burwarton and Cleobury North PC, Badger PC, Beckbury PC, Billingsley, Deuxhill, Glazeley and Middleton Scriven PC, Bridgnorth Town Council, Chetton PC, Claverley PC, Ditton Priors PC, Eardington PC, Kemberton PC, Quatt Malvern PC, Morville, Acton Round, Aston Eyre, Monkhopton & Upton Cressett PC, Neenton PM, Ryton and Grindle PC, Stockton PC, Sutton Maddock PC, Tasley PC, Worfield and Rudge PC.