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Blog: Dry January – Penny Bason

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Over the coming weeks, we’ll be issuing people’s experiences about their Dry January Challenge. Today Penny Bason, Health & Wellbeing Coordinator gives us an update about her experience. 

While week one passed by with no real issue, this last week has highlighted that in the evening I like something ‘nice’ to end my day. While I’m certainly not staring down the bottle of wine with white knuckles, in fact in that sense it isn’t hard not to drink. I have however turned to cheese and chocolate to fill the void. So it begs the question, is a glass of wine better? Or copious amounts of cheese and chocolate? Public Health, what’s the research on that one?

Needless to say perhaps, that it has also become clear that a glass of wine is part of my evening relaxation. Not every evening, I hasten to add, as I also do other activities such as sport and running, and the general business of parenting, but it’s in the mix. And this week I have felt generally tense, and any filters I might have had when dealing with less than ideal circumstances have gone out the window. People who thought I was highly strung before, watch out! And I do apologise to my co-workers!

So, let’s see if next week is any better….. Think I might have to take up Yoga.

Penny Bason, Health & Wellbeing Coordinator