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Blog: Dry January – Lesley Talbot and Maria Jones

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Over the coming weeks, we’ll be issuing people’s experiences about their Dry January Challenge. Today Lesley Talbot, Sexual Health Programme Lead and Maria Jones, Account Manager at ip&e Communications gives us an update about their experiences.

Oh dear, curry and a coke just isn’t the same on a Friday night……………………….. looking forward to wet February and a curry and a Cobra night again.

Lesley Talbot, Sexual Health Programme Lead.

Why is it so hard to give up something you enjoy doing? Ok I had a little tumble, or should I say tumbler, but back on track again. I’ve started back at the gym, so hopefully the rush of exercise will help replace the urge for a tipple. On a serious note Dry January has made me re-evaluate my drinking habits and I will endeavour to keep an eye on the amount of alcohol I consume post 31st!

Maria Jones, Account Manager ip&e Communications