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Quit smoking for a healthier wallet this Christmas

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Shropshire’s Help2Quit team is encouraging smokers in Shropshire to give their wallet a break this Christmas and New Year by helping them to quit.

As well as the many health benefits stopping smoking brings, the local stop smoking service also want to encourage smokers to think about the money they could save if they quit smoking.  Smoking is expensive and on average, most people who quit save around £150 each month.

Karen Calder, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for health, and member of Shropshire’s Health and Well-Being Board, said:

“With all the festivities and pre-Christmas planning this time of year, it’s probably the last thing on smokers’ minds to quit.  But Christmas and New Year puts a huge strain on many people’s wallets, even more so if you smoke.  If a smoker smoking one packet of cigarettes a day, stopped smoking on Christmas Day, in just a week they could save up to £60 – that could be a lovely meal for two on New Year’s Day.  Imagine what you save in a year?”

Patricia Thomas, Help2Change Clinical Lead, added:

“Deciding when to stop smoking has to be an individual’s decision, and although seven out of ten smokers say they want to stop, most believe they cannot.  It doesn’t matter how many times you have tried to quit – people can stop smoking, and the most successful way of quitting is with the help of a free local stop smoking service.

“Help2Quit offers advice and support to help smokers kick the habit in a wide range of venues cross Shropshire, including GP practices, pharmacies, community venues, supermarkets and at specialist pregnancy services.  Specialist advisers are also available to talk to on the phone and online.

“Please don’t go it alone, come and get some help.  If you want to stop smoking, visit Help2Quit, your local stop smoking service.  We can give you all the help and advice you need.”

For more information about quitting smoking call Help2Quit on 01743 453537 or visit www.healthyshropshire.co.uk.

If you would prefer to have an online chat with an expert Stop Smoking Adviser, click here. You can also keep in touch via Facebook and twitter @Help2QuitShrops. 

Further information

Help2Quit, the local NHS stop smoking service in Shropshire, offers free support delivered by stop smoking specialists (including practice nurses, midwives, pharmacists and school nurses) that really works.  Help2Quit has been helping people to quit for the last 17 years and has seen around 85,000 clients in that time.  The service is available in almost all GP surgeries in Shropshire and is also provided in many pharmacies, community venues, hospitals and selected supermarkets.