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Shropshire Council’s share of council tax frozen for fifth year running

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Residents will be helped with their household bills again as Shropshire Council freezes its share of the council tax – for the fifth year running.

Councillors today (Thursday 27 February 2014) agreed to a zero per cent council tax rise at a meeting of full Council.

Council tax goes towards vital services provided by West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner, Shropshire and Wrekin Fire Authority and local parish councils and town councils, which set their own council tax levels, as well as Shropshire Council.

The Band D council tax for Shropshire Council services has been set at £1,164.72.  The Band D council tax amount for West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner is £182.28 and for Shropshire and Wrekin Fire Authority is £90.42.

The average parish council and town council amount for Band D is £58.80, but this varies by area, meaning the total bill, adding together the different parts, will depend on which parish council or town council area each taxpayer lives in.

Councillor Keith Barrow, Leader of Shropshire Council, said the council had frozen council tax since 2010 to support residents in challenging financial times.

He said:

“We have worked tremendously hard to make sure that every pound of taxpayers’ hard-earned money that comes to Shropshire Council is spent wisely.

“As well as making sure the council is as efficient and cost-effective as possible, it’s also my job to look at how we can reduce the pressures on people – especially at this time of year when annual bills start to come through the door.

“While we can’t take these away completely, we can do our bit by keeping our share of the council tax as low as possible.

“Since being elected in 2009 council tax has reduced from accounting for 26 per cent of the money spent by the council to just 18 per cent, as part of our ongoing commitment to getting value for money for our residents.

“Today we continue in this vein by agreeing the council’s business plan and financial strategy for the next three years which sets out how we are working to make the most of the funding available and meet our customers’ needs.

“Being able to freeze council tax is particularly important at a time when fuel, food and other costs continue to rise, putting greater strain on all householders in Shropshire.

“We hope that by keeping Shropshire Council’s part of the council tax at the same level as last year, this will go some way to reducing the financial burdens on residents.”

Councillor Barrow added that an online council tax leaflet would be made available on the Shropshire Council website when residents received their council tax bills in March.

He said:

“We want to ensure Shropshire residents receive services and information in the most cost-effective way.  So this year we have again decided to have an online council tax leaflet, rather than mailing this out, which explains in more detail where your money goes and where you can find out how to get support in paying for your council tax.  By doing this we save over £6,000.”

To find out more about council tax call 0345 678 9002, or council tax support call 0345 678 9001.