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Priorities are set for project to improve how adult services are delivered

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A project to help improve the way people work with adult services in Shropshire has decided on its priorities for the coming year. 

Shropshire Council is committed to the national ‘Making it Real’ programme, which gives people who use adult care services the opportunity to influence the type of support they receive, and the way the whole system works. 

The Making it Real board – made up of people who use adult services, social workers and health professionals – met for the first time in October 2013 and decided on three areas that needed to be a priority in Shropshire. 

Those areas are: 

Information and advice: “Having the information I need when I need it.” 

Active and supportive communities: “Keeping friends, family and place.” 

Flexible integrated care and support: “My support, my own way.” 

Charlotte Quinton, who is leading on the project for Shropshire Council, said:

“Now these top three priorities have been chosen, we will be using all of the information that we have collated to create our Making it Real action plan, which sets out what we propose to do, how we will do it and what the potential benefits will be. 

“This is currently being finalised and will be published on the Think Local, Act Personal website shortly.” 

Shropshire Council and Making it Real Board members will now use the action plan to decide which particular areas need to be looked at first, within these chosen themes. 

This work will be overseen by the Making it Real Board to ensure that those people who use the services – the experts – are involved to help the council shape future changes. 

Lee Chapman, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for adult services – transformation and safeguarding, said:

“The way people receive care is changing, with more people being given personal budgets so they can choose the type of support that’s right for them.  When personal budgets work well they can be hugely beneficial, but it’s important that the system and options are properly explained – and that’s where Making it Real comes in. 

“Making it Real gives people the chance to tell us, and partner organisations, how we can make things better.  The priorities which have been identified by the board will help us focus our efforts for the next year to make sure people are making the most of their personal budgets.” 

Making it Real board member, Katie Smith, added:

“I wanted to be part of Making it Real because I can use my experiences to help make a difference for other people.  I feel that as someone who needs assistance from outside agencies, I can help highlight what works and what needs a bit of tweaking. 

“I am passionate about allowing people with different abilities, which make day-to-day life a bit harder, to be treated, and view themselves, as an individual rather than just another person who needs assistance.” 

For more information about Making it Real, visit the national website at www.thinklocalactpersonal.org.uk/Browse/mir/ and for updates about what’s happening in Shropshire, go to the Live Life Your Way Facebook page at www.facebook.com/shropshirelivelifeyourway.