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New film places spotlight on new ways of working

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A new short film is now available online to find out more about how new ways of working, shaped for the community of Church Stretton, are developing. 

The different ways of delivering services (called prototypes) which are being explored focus on working better together to: 

  • look after the town,
  • support older people to live independently for longer at home and
  • support people into work, while in turn, creating an economically vibrant community. 

These prototypes aim to ensure that partners work effectively together, services don’t cost more than they should, offer further support where it is most important, are delivered by the best people to do the job, and support local needs, jobs and economic growth. 

The new film provides more information on how this ‘local commissioning’ approach is being piloted in Church Stretton.  It gives a brief overview of how the prototypes were agreed by leaders from across the community after gathering information, data and talking to as many people in Church Stretton as possible about what really matters, and how the prototypes are progressing. 

To watch the film click here.

Lee Chapman, a local Shropshire Councillor for Church Stretton and Craven Arms, and Chair of the Governance Board for the work, said:

“We have created this film to share how partners are working together with the community to explore ways to get the most from the funding, expertise and resources in Church Stretton.

“This work is moving at pace; we have seen some immediate benefits, and are hopeful that we can make real differences to better meet the community’s needs.

“If anyone is not already involved in this work and would like to be, we would urge them to get in touch.  You could help to mentor someone who is unemployed or help others to live independently for longer in their own home.”

The prototypes run until the end of June 2013, and leaders will come together again at the beginning of July 2013 to look at what has worked well, and review where further refinements could strengthen this work in Church Stretton.

It is intended to extend this way of working to the rest of Shropshire.  It is planned to do this in stages to make sure that services are effective and appropriate for each area.

For further information on local commissioning go to shropshire.gov.uk/commissioning or call 0345 678 9000 if you would like to find out more about getting involved.

Further information on the work taking place 

Living independently for longer at home

A group of partners from a range of organisations is looking at the barriers to ageing well. The group is bringing their resources and expertise together to encourage people in Church Stretton to talk and think about how they age well, and to identify, make plans with and support older people in the community who face the greatest risks to their health and independence. 

Quality public spaces that people value and are proud of 

Partners are bringing their resources and expertise together to better integrate and co-ordinate the work of different organisations and groups to keep Church Stretton well-maintained and safe, ranging from street cleaning to grass cutting and gritting. 

Supporting people into work and, in turn, creating an economically vibrant community

Working closely with and bringing together representatives from existing services, this group is co-ordinating a network of mentors and volunteers in Church Stretton, to provide additional, focused support to help the unemployed back into work.  As part of this support, local employers are providing work experience placements, mock interviews, opportunities for apprentices and other work opportunities. 

Local governance board

While each of the prototypes is progressing, the local governance board is meeting every fortnight to ensure that those who know their community best are at the heart of the work, and making decisions locally.