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Council marks Armed Forces Day

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Shropshire Council is flying the flag to support Armed Forces Day, and is also encouraging members of staff who are Reservists to wear their uniform to work with pride.

Uniform to Work Day is one of a series of events to raise awareness of Armed Forces Day which takes place on Saturday 29 June 2013 and celebrates all of those who make up the Armed Forces Family.

Shropshire Council is flying the Armed Forces Day flag in support of the event in the week leading up to the day.

Uniform to Work Day event was started to highlight the Reservists working in society and their strong commitment to both their civilian and military roles.

Last year, thousands of Reservists took part demonstrating their pride in giving their time for their country and at the same time showing their employers how much they value the support they receive.

The council is encouraging any members of staff who are Reservists to wear their uniform on Wednesday 26 June 2013 as a celebration of the important work they do.

The Shropshire Armed Forces Community Covenant was recently signed by the council and partner organisations to help encourage the integration of armed forces and civilian communities in the county.

Councillor Tim Barker, who chairs the community covenant working group, said:

“Reservists make an essential contribution to national security, and it’s a big commitment to have a full-time job while maintaining the role of Reservist.  As a council we are proud to have members of staff who also act as Reservists and I hope they wear their uniforms with pride.”

Further information can be found on Armed Forces Day by clicking here.