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Ellesmere area LJC focuses on health and traffic calming

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Local people are being encouraged to go along to their next Ellesmere area Local Joint Committee (LJC) to hear about issues the committee have been championing over the last two years. 

The meeting, to be held at Criftins Parish Hall Dudleston Heath on Tuesday 26 March 2013 at 7pm, will give residents an opportunity to learn more about the NHS Health Champion initiative which encourages people to attend checks at their local surgery.  In addition, Tim Baldwin from Marches Energy Agency will deliver a presentation on The Green Deal, a Government initiative to encourage households to improve energy efficiency.

Other items on the agenda include the launch of a call to the community to assist in partnership working with local policing to combat the increasing speed of traffic in the 30mph zones.  West Mercia’s local policing team have purchased speed awareness stickers.

Community action officer Julie Ruler said:

“These stickers are designed to go on waste bins and draw notice to the speed limit.  It has worked in other areas, and I am going to be supporting getting these out in our priority areas over the next month.  We will have some available at the meeting, with an instruction sheet.  We are looking for homeowners on the rural main roads to support this attempt at raising awareness.” 

Ten projects totalling £10,833 will be considered, against an available budget of £9,780. These include support for a new irrigation system at Criftins Bowling Club, repairs to Ellesmere’s old town clock, and a hearing loop for Ellesmere Comrades Club. 

Councillor Ann Hartley, Chairman of the Ellesmere area LJC, said:

“These well-attended meetings are proving vital in shaping and seeking to respond to the needs of the locality.  Our colleagues from town and parish councils are really interested in what the people of the area want to discuss, and the Let’s Talk sessions raise interesting topics for discussion.  The speed awareness stickers are an interesting low cost response to a real issue in the community.  It demonstrates how we react to requests to tackle real issues.  The projects funded at the meetings are diverse, and make a difference at a local level.”

For further information, people should contact the north area community action team on 01691 677301.