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Feedback continues to shape care and support services

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Hundreds of people receiving care and support from Shropshire Council are being asked for their views as part of ongoing work to develop and improve adult social care services.

Almost 900 people at the heart of these services are being urged to share their thoughts and ideas on the care and support provided by the council and how this affects their quality of life.

The council is running the Adult Social Care Survey for just under two months to gain this feedback. The survey opened on 16 January 2013 and runs until 8 March 2013.

The annual survey, a national initiative which the Government requires all councils providing adult social care services to carry out, enables the council to build on previous recent consultations on adult social care. The consultations have looked at how the council can deliver the best care possible through a variety of services, which offer more choice to meet each individual’s needs, developed by the people who use them, their carers, supporters, families and friends.

Ann Hartley, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for health and well-being, said:

“The Adult Social Care Survey provides a valuable insight into the needs, experiences and views of the people who use these services.

“We will be inviting about one in seven people receiving nursing, residential and home care services to share their feedback. We would urge anyone who receives a questionnaire to make sure they fill it in.  People can ask a member of their family or a friend to help if needed, and we can provide large print and easy read versions, so please take your chance to tell us what you think. Your opinions and experiences are vital.”

Ann Hartley added that the results from last year’s survey had helped to identify which services were valued the most, and the areas where further improvements could be made. The results were influencing the ongoing development of services, and this year’s results would be used in the same way.

“Last year’s survey showed that people receiving social care and support services from Shropshire Council are experiencing a better quality of life year-on-year, but that people would like to have more control over their daily life.

“We are working to give people more choice and control over services, and want to hear if we are helping people to achieve this at a fast enough pace and in the best way possible.

“By taking every opportunity to involve people at the centre of our services, they can continue to shape the future of adult social care and help us to ensure services are what they want and need.”

The sample of people being surveyed has been taken from people receiving, or people who have received, care and support services from Shropshire Council in the past year.