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Roads update in Bridgnorth area

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  • A454 is now open – the mud has now been jet washed from the carriageway surface and the drainage system has been cleaned.
  • Newport Road, Albrighton – all drains emptied and jetted, road open.
  • Roughton Village, road is still closed and likely to be until Saturday 30 June 2012.  We have cleared the mud from the road (approximately 150 tonnes of topsoil) and are in the process of cleaning the road and the drainage system.
  • Brook Lane, Roughton – this road will be closed until Monday 2 July 2012, possibly longer.  Ringway are working hard to clear the road to enable the residents to gain access/ egress to their properties.  As a rough estimate there is approximately 1,500 tonnes of silt/ topsoil siting in the lane, at some places the silt is 3 feet deep.  Ringway are working tomorrow in an attempt to have the road open as soon as possible.
  • B4555 Eardington – a set of temporary traffic signals have been erected outside The Old Post Office to protect a section of carriageway which has been damaged by surface water.  Early next week we will look to repair the road and remove the signals.