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Mural brightens up Shrewsbury children’s home

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A council children’s home has a colourful mural brightening up its entrance thanks to the work of students from Shrewsbury Sixth Form College and the help of a local councillor.

Since the home opened near Shrewsbury in November 2008, it was felt that the new entrance to the building felt “a bit like a doctors’ waiting room”, and needed brightening up.

Putting up pictures and placing plants and sofas in the room didn’t quite do the job, so staff came up with the idea of painting a mural.

Finding the right person to do the work, as well as finding the budget, threatened to halt the project before it started.  That was until a visit from Shropshire Councillor, Karen Burgoyne, who suggested Shrewsbury Sixth Form College might be able to help.

A few weeks later, three art students, Sam Dobson, Kirstin Knight, and Becci Lewis, were hard at work creating the mural as part of their college portfolio, and the children’s home now has a bright, vibrant entrance which is much appreciated by all who see it.

Ian Allman, manager of the children’s home, said:

“We really appreciate the hard work of the students and the help from Councillor Burgoyne, and the mural is a fantastic welcome to people visiting the building.”

Councillor Karen Burgoyne, Shropshire Council deputy cabinet member for further education, added:

“I was very happy to put Ian in touch with the college, as I thought the project would be perfect for some art students to take on as part of their studies.  It’s great to see the finished product and I know the students who created the mural are really thrilled their work is being seen and appreciated by so many people.”