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Parents reminded to apply for their child’s school place

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Shropshire Council’s school admissions team ensure thousands of children start school every year.  Last year the team were able to place 93% of reception-aged children in their highest preference school. 

To ensure as many children as possible are successful in gaining their first preference in this round of applications, the council is reminding parents to make their applications for their child’s school place. 

If your child will be four years old by September 2012 then you will need to apply through Shropshire Council’s website by 15 January 2012.  Four-year-olds will be able to start school in the autumn term, September 2012. 

Parents should make applications online at shropshire.gov.uk/schooladmissions.  There are many advantages of completing an application online, one being that parents can review the results of their application online. 

Alternatively parents may contact the admissions team for assistance via 0345 678 9008

Parents are reminded that they must still make an application for council schools to the admissions team even if:

  • An older sibling is already at the school
  • The child attends a linked nursery
  • The parent or carer has put their child’s name on a list at the school 

Councillor Cecilia Motley, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for education and skills, said:

“I would encourage all parents to make these applications by the given deadline.  Unfortunately, not all parents apply by the closing date, and some parents do not even make an application at all.  The consequences are that parents may miss out on the opportunity for their child to be considered for a place at their preferred school, as we are legally obliged to consider all late applications after the on-time applications have been allocated.”