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How are you getting home tonight?

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People celebrating the Christmas party season in 2011 are being urged to stay safe during the festive period. 

As part of its “How are you getting home?” campaign, Shropshire’s Safer Stronger Communities Partnership are asking people to think about their journey home before they start their night out.

To raise awareness of the personal safety issues surrounding drinking the Partnership are highlighting some of the dangers people could face if they drink too much.

Over the last six years there have been a small number of deaths caused by accidental drowning in the River Severn in Shrewsbury.  The majority have involved individuals making their way home from either a pub or club having consumed a large amount of alcohol.  In the majority of cases the individual had been on their own and had fallen into the river and been unable, due the consumption of alcohol, to get out of the water. 

This is why the Partnership are urging people to drink sensibly and responsibly, know how they’re getting home, and ensure they have made adequate arrangements before they set out for the evening.  

Councillor Steve Charmley, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member responsible for public protection, said:

“People often make poor decisions about how they will get home after consuming large amounts of alcohol.  This can include going home alone along poorly lit and deserted streets, driving whilst drunk, getting into a car when the driver is drunk, getting into cars which people assume are taxis, or accepting lifts from people they have just met.  The advice from the Partnership is enjoy yourself but drink sensibly and responsibly, and know how you’re getting home.”   

A number of schemes will be in operation to help those who may consume too much alcohol:

¨     The Reunite scheme is being operated in Shrewsbury, with pub staff being asked to identify vulnerable customers and reunite very drunk people with their friends and to call a taxi if necessary

¨     Taxi marshalling schemes are operating in Shrewsbury and Oswestry to ensure the public who haven’t booked a taxi can find the next available one on the rank.

¨     Street Pastors will be on the streets in Shrewsbury offering help and support to those who may be drunk or have been separated from their friends.      

For further information about the campaign and the schemes in operation visit our website at shropshire.gov.uk 

The advice echoes the message that was put out by the Partnership in 2010 about getting home safely.