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Cabinet member steps down

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A Shropshire Council Cabinet member is stepping down due to work commitments.

Councillor Aggie Caesar-Homden, who has been Cabinet member for education and skills, decided she could no longer dedicate the required time and energy to this demanding role because of her other commitments.

Aggie will continue as Shropshire Councillor for Ruyton and Baschurch but is no longer a member of the Cabinet (which is the group of senior councillors who lead executive portfolios and make the majority of day-to-day decisions on the running of the council).

She said:

I have really enjoyed my time as Cabinet member for education and skills, during what has been an enormously challenging period for us all in Shropshire.  I am still absolutely committed to representing the people of Ruyton and Baschurch and will continue my work as local councillor, but feel that work commitments mean I no longer have enough time available to be a member of the Cabinet as well.”

Leader of Shropshire Council, Keith Barrow, said:

“I would like to thank Aggie for all her work during her time as Cabinet member.  I understand it is a very demanding role and it is difficult to juggle the time commitments of being a member of Cabinet and full-time work.

“Given her long experience with this portfolio of responsibilities, I have appointed Councillor Cecilia Motley as the new Cabinet member for education and skills in the short term.  Cecilia is not only a safe pair of hands to provide continuity in this important area of our activities, she is also the person who laid the ground for Shropshire’s new education vision and school improvement programme.”