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Look out for your right to vote

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Every autumn, local councils have to write to their householders to obtain the names of people living at each property, so a new Register of Electors can be published for the forthcoming year.

Shropshire Council will shortly be starting its annual canvass, when forms will be sent out to properties within the council’s area.

The forms will have existing information pre-printed on them and, if there are no changes to that information, the quickest and most efficient way of registering is by using the freephone or internet service explained on the form.

Householders can also confirm their details by simply signing and returning the form using the pre-paid envelope provided.  A text message facility is available too, but this does incur a small charge.

Any details which require a change from the pre-printed information must be made in writing on the form, which should then be sent back in the addressed pre-paid envelope provided.

Since the UK Referendum in May this year, Shropshire Council has received nine requests for by-elections to be held at either parish, or town level and with the possibility of police commissioner elections next year, the elections team is encouraging people to register to ensure that they will be able to vote.

While the primary use of the Register of Electors is to ensure people can vote in elections, it’s also used by credit reference agencies to check people’s identities when they apply for credit.  Anyone wanting to open a bank account or trying to obtain personal finance for any reason should make sure that their details are included on the register.

Householders are being asked to deal with the forms as soon as possible after they are received, in order to cut down on the number of reminders that need to be posted out in mid-October.

If you need help to complete your form, call the council’s electoral services office on 0345 678 9015.