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Working together to make Bridgnorth safer

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Licensing officers at Shropshire Council are asking Bridgnorth residents to report any disturbances at pubs and clubs to help with the crack-down on anti-social behaviour in the town centre.

The council is working with the police to make Bridgnorth town centre a safer place at night, following concerns from residents about trouble in the early hours of the morning on weekends.

Licensing and environmental health officers have been visiting pubs and clubs where complaints have been made about noise.  Spot checks will be taking place over the coming weeks to make sure licensing conditions are being met, such as ensuring alcohol is not served to under-18s and that premises close when they are supposed to.

The council and police will also be working closely with licensees to find ways of reducing trouble caused by people drinking too much alcohol.

Measures being considered include the possibility of installing CCTV cameras in Cartway and looking at changing the licensing hours at some town centre premises.  Licenses can be formally reviewed and revoked when necessary, but evidence must be provided to demonstrate why a premises needs to be reviewed.

Shropshire Councillor Rosanna Taylor-Smith, chair of the licensing committee, said:

“We appreciate that some residents are unhappy with the current situation, and we are doing all we can to make sure that premises stick to the terms of their licence.  But we need people to report any problems they see so we can deal with them.”

Constable Richard Wood, of Bridgnorth police, added:

“Officers will be keeping vigilant in the town centre, and we are talking to licensees about how we can work together to help keep Bridgnorth a safe, enjoyable night out.  As always with these things, it’s a small minority of people who spoil it for the rest.”

Local Shropshire Councillor for Bridgnorth East and Astley Abbotts, William Parr, said:

“Bridgnorth is still an enjoyable place to have a night out, but we need to make sure people who live in the town centre are not inconvenienced by people causing trouble late at night.  It’s important that we all work together to clamp down on the small minority who cause the problems, so people can enjoy what Bridgnorth town centre has to offer.”

Fellow Shropshire Councillor for Bridgnorth East and Astley Abbotts, Christian Lea, added:

“Residents living close to the High Street are concerned about the anti-social behaviour that is occurring at weekends.  With the action that is being taken by Shropshire Council, West Mercia Police and myself to address these concerns, along with any supporting evidence of anti-social incidents which residents report, I am confident that appropriate solutions can be found to resolve this issue.”