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Member of the public helps tackle littering in Ludlow

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A member of the public has taken a stand against littering by reporting a person dropping litter out of their car window in a Ludlow car park.

After gathering a comprehensive witness statement, Shropshire Council issued the offender with a Fixed Penalty Notice of £80.

Whilst speaking to the council’s street scene team, the witness said:

“I don’t see why people should get away with it. Littering is wrong and the public need to show we won’t stand for it.”

Councillor Martin Bennett, Shropshire Council’s deputy cabinet member, said:

“Thanks to the care and attention of a member of the public taking a stand against littering, we are able to tackle this, and I hope this will help to change behaviour for the better.”

Councillor Rosanna Taylor-Smith, Shropshire Councillor for Ludlow North, said:

“I am grateful to the witness for providing full details of the litter being thrown on the road and providing us with information to trace the person responsible.

“Littering of wrappers, cigarette ends or anything else should not be tolerated and costs all of us as taxpayers a considerable amount of time and money to clear up.  I am pleased that the individual concerned admitted to the offence and I hope this will set a good example to everyone here in Ludlow.”

This case brings the total number of Fixed Penalty Notices issued by the south west street scene team to 18 since 1 April 2011.

To report littering, flytipping or dog fouling in your area call 0345 678 9006, or alternatively report a problem online.