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Discover more about where you live with LocalView

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A new way to access local information has been developed by Shropshire Council, which will help you discover lots of things about where you live.

LocalView is an interactive mapping system which shows layers of information, such as libraries, council offices and footpaths.  It can also help you find out who your councillor is, what parish you live in, as well as showing conservation areas and other useful details.

LocalView is accessed through the Shropshire Council website and is replacing the previous mapping system, ShropMap.

There are more features being added to LocalView in the coming months which will make it even more interactive and useful.  It will help you plan a free day out by showing council-run countryside sites, walking routes and Shrewsbury cycling routes.  There will also be local facts and figures, like population statistics, as well as flood and water management information and proposed traffic regulation orders.

Councillor Martin Taylor-Smith, Shropshire Council Cabinet member for transport and IT, said:

“LocalView is a really useful tool for residents and visitors to plan a day out, find information about their area, or for students looking for facts and figures about Shropshire.  I would urge everyone to log onto shropshire.gov.uk, follow the link at the bottom of the page to maps and have some fun playing around with LocalView.

“It’s also a useful resource for staff, who use LocalView to access a variety of information to help plan diversion routes, organise road gritting in the winter and that sort of thing.”

To access LocalView, click this link then enter your postcode in the box and discover what’s near to you.