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Nearly 50 Shropshire roads to be surface dressed this year

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Surface dressing on a road in north Shropshire

Almost 50 stretches of road across Shropshire are set to be treated this summer as part of Shropshire Council’s 2024 surface dressing programme – work that will play a key role in improving the county’s roads.

The work will be carried out from June 2024.

The sites identified for treatment (listed below and also on the Shropshire Council website) are located across the county and include all types of road, from urban cul-de-sacs to major ‘A’ and ‘B’ roads.

Dates and details of work will be available on the One Network interactive roadworks website once confirmed. The site can be searched using the relevant map reference in the list below.

Surface dressing is a quick, efficient and cost-effective way of preventing potholes, maintaining skid-resistance and waterproofing road surfaces. It forms a major part of the council’s annual road maintenance programme and is being carried out alongside other preventative and reactive maintenance work.

Dan Morris, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for highways, said:

“As well as improving and protecting our roads, this important programme of work plays a crucial role in helping to prevent potholes and other defects forming in the future. Pothole treatment is very much about prevention as well as cure and this is one important way that we can aim to prevent potholes forming next winter.”

Surface dressing involves applying and rolling aggregate ‘chippings’ onto a bitumen binder.

It will seal the surface, improve surface texture and prolong the life of the road by many years.

Ian Mclellan, General Manager at Kier Transportation, said:

“We’re looking forward delivering this surface dressing programme with Shropshire Council which will future-proof our roads for a further 10 to 15 years – improving journeys for road users and helping to keep our communities safe.

“Surface dressing is not only very efficient and cost-effective, but it’s a more sustainable option when compared to resurfacing methods.”

Meanwhile. more than 60 roads in Shropshire are set to be resurfaced in the year 2023/24.

Further information

Surface dressing work

Due to the limited width of the majority of identified roads, over 90% of the sites will unfortunately require a temporary road closure for the works to be carried out safely.

Where road closures are not necessary, other forms of temporary traffic management will be in place, including temporary signals where appropriate. When treating cul-de-sacs limited access will be available.

For the majority of ‘A’ and ‘B’ roads centre line studs/cats’ eyes also need to be removed and replaced under a temporary closure. It’s envisaged that stud/cats’ eye removal will take place overnight between 8pm and 6am, followed by dressing, sweeping and reapplying road markings during daytime hours.

The replacement of studs and road markings on some sites may necessarily need to take place up to ten days later.

In reality, most of the road closures will only be required for a few hours for the dressing operation, and are unlikely to be of more than one day in duration.

The programme of work may alter due to wet weather or other unforeseen events.

In order to keep affected residents and road users informed of when and how long closures will be in place advance information signs will be positioned on each site in the weeks preceding proposed commencement of works.

Roads due to be surface dressed

Parish council/town council – One Network USRN map reference
Road to be treated
What3Words start / end locations

Wem Rural – 28200933
B5476 – Wem to Tilstock
palms.tidal.farmed / freezing.blotchy.mock

Market Drayton – 28200059
U2925 – Berrisford Rd, Market Drayton (From junction with Great Hales Street to 30mph)
hatch.dignitary.edge / acrobats.sandbags.ignore

Whitchurch Urban – 28200801
A49 – A41 Chester Road Roundabout to Hinton Bank Roundabout
donation.sharpens.curls / hatch.dignitary.edge

Westbury – 34701335
B4386 – From Nox to Westbury
model.swaps.destroyer / apparatus.commuted.retraced

Quatt Malvern – 4310250
A442 – Chapel Lane to South of South Lodge Junction
hazy.renting.sheets / annual.hindering.geese

Chirbury with Brompton – 36500690
A489 – County Boundary W Penyllan to County Boundary Churchstoke
shapeless.mime.neutron / herds.drag.breakfast

Clunbury – 36500697
B4385 – Purslow to Three Ashes 30mph Section
shaky.president.chucks / exile.canny.matchbox

Pimhill – 34701278
C1062 – Girder Bridge to Dunns Heath, Bomere Heath
tweed.sweeter.evenings / registers.trickling.lifetimes

Alberbury with Cardeston – 34701195
U4902 – Wigmore Lane
fractions.port.snuggled / infants.hasten.wove

Sheriffhales – 4300818
A41 Gorsey Bank from Pickmere Roundabout to Telford & Wrekin boundary
acrobats.sandbags.ignore / technical.juggler.usages

Sutton-upon-Tern – 28200914
A41 – 40mph sign to derestriction sign, Tern Hill
belonged.hamsters.hotel / tall.glee.pioneered

Stottesdon – 4300824
C4237 – The Square to Riddings Lane, Stottesdon
options.cheetahs.pools / glaze.ironic.stores

Shrewsbury – 34700884
U3804 – Racecourse Lane
scouted.pokes.hurray / motive.moods.infringe

Uffington, Upton Magna, Atcham – 34701506
C5062 – Berwick Wharf to Atcham 40 mph signs
correctly.spinning.think / twisting.garlic.direct

Wroxeter and Uppington, Upton Magna – 34701696
U5216 – Upton to Uckington
hugs.calculating.unfit / treaties.dispenser.shipyards

Buildwas – 34700743
A4169 – Much Wenlock Road Buildwas Ban to Acklands Coppice
pacifist.perkily.sidelined / disprove.ripe.solved

Moreton Say – 28200848
C2087 – Longford to Shrewsbury Rd, Market Drayton (Rural Section)
galleries.alleyway.release / dusty.pine.transcribes

Baschurch – 28200895
B5067 – Prescott to Walford Heath
bikers.jubilant.fend / stood.grafted.reclaimed

Bromfield – 36500623
A4113 – A49 to County Boundary
funds.marsh.wipe / brew.radiating.lifeboats

Westbury – 34701357
B4386 – Winsley to Westbury
teacher.bounding.enhanced / apparatus.commuted.retraced

Shrewsbury – 34700369
A528 – Ellesmere Road, Shrewsbury
claps.lobby.career / gallons.birds.puzzle

Westbury – 34701320
C5126 – PCC boundary Hollybush to A458 Cross Roads, Wollaston
arrives.townhouse.motivate / nightfall.driveway.fraction

Pontesbury, Longden, Church Pulverbatch – 34701318
C5131 – Plealey Junction Forge-Pulverbatch Road junction Wrentnall, Plealey
popped.worlds.cutlets / migrate.graver.intersect

Diddlebury, Culmington – 36500544
C6201 – B4368 junction Seifton Batch to Westhope Cottage junction, Westhope
ally.overlooks.basis / suits.plums.garage

Hopton Cangeford, Stoke St Milborough – 36500612
C6237 – Furlong Cottage junction to Hopton Cangeford junction, Ludlow
point.windows.introduce / hazy.longer.stream

Claverley – 4301054
U7846 – Lower Beobridge Junction to Fiveways Junction, Lower Beobridge
bulldozer.digitally.broom / newsprint.ventures.adhesive

Pontesbury, Westbury – 34701571
U4931 – Horsebridge junction B4387 to Malehurst junction A488, Asterley
called.remote.acquaint / basis.flashing.staining

Kemberton – 4300281
C4175 – Grindle Road, Kemberton
rift.season.portfolio / fortified.steroids.slicing

Ellesmere Urban – 28201055
U1119 – Coptiviney Junction to Swan Hill end of, Ellesmere
viewing.flask.requires / about.horses.surprised

Newcastle-on-Clun, Clun – 36500753
C6194 – Whitcott Keysett Junction to Church Road end of, Newcastle
sharpened.carpeted.listed / thrones.eradicate.blogs

Clun – 36500558
C6194 – Bicton Junction to Whitcott Hall Junction, Newcastle
thrones.eradicate.blogs / eyeliner.reviewed.clings

Abdon and Heath – 36500743
C6223 – Boundary Gate Farm to Upper House Junction, Abdon
wept.depths.aimless / timidly.reverses.monorail

Abdon and Heath – 34800315
U7431 – Woodbank Junction to Bank House Junction, Abdon
cleansed.defeat.gaps / brilliant.sports.vacancies

Rudge – 4301119
C4261 – Shipley Junction with A454 to Rudge Road, Pattingham
logo.perfumed.headlines / shave.blink.dock

Claverley – 4300901
C4267 – Aston Junction to Ashford Bank Junction, Claverley
suspends.topping.replays / stores.tadpole.balancing

Cardington – 34701344
C6218 – Cardington to Homestead, Cardington
removed.differ.union / flame.ruins.producing

Prees – 28200783
A41 – Bletchley Dual Carriageway, Northbound
reckon.slimming.bravery / scorch.anyway.cocoons

Alveley – 4300759
A442 – Kingsnordley to Turley Green Junction
awaited.sunset.servicing / shifters.technical.deflate

Alveley, Romsley – 34800455
A442 – Turley Green Junction to County Boundary
shifters.technical.deflate / ethic.someone.sometime

Much Wenlock – 4300443
A4169 – Acklands Coppice to Homer Junction, Much Wenlock
tequila.carriage.pounce / gracing.universes.both

Shrewsbury – 34701182
A5112 – Whitchurch Road
carry.wakes.hurt / dare.local.loops

Whittington – 29600447
A495 – Whittington to Welsh Frankton

Sutton upon Tern Hinstock – 28200846
A529 – Mill Green to Phoenix Bank, Market Drayton
glorious.sticks.instincts / escaping.foresight.operated

Sutton-upon-Tern, Hinstock – 28200846
A529 – A41 Hinstock to Mill Green, Hinstock
flexed.galaxies.practical / alienated.brands.node

Adderley – 28200766
A529 – South Lodge to County Boundary, Alderley
drew.scorched.joggers / spectacle.defender.calls

Worfield – 4300833
A458 – Green Lane Roundabout to County Boundary, Bridgnorth
watching.doghouse.reclusive / deferring.libraries.rises

Tasley – 4310282
A458 – Ludlow Island to Footbridge Cottage, Bridgnorth
twisting.revived.atlas / funky.monopoly.pancakes