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MoveITon: Shropshire’s voluntary sector event showcasing digital technology

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News from our partners Shropshire Infrastructure Partnership

MoveITon event: where Shropshire charities, community groups and social enterprises get an opportunity to explore how digital technology can help in their quest to raise their profile, gain more supporters, publicise their services and raise funds. 

Digital technology and the way in which information is shared has changed so much recently and with funding ever tighter, the need to be smarter and take advantage of easy- to-use web-based technology and tools is a given.  However, knowing where to start, what expertise is needed and what to concentrate on, can be daunting. 

The MoveITon event will take place on Wednesday 6 March 2013 at the Community Centre in Craven Arms and will see many national and local organisations share their experience and knowhow on a variety of digital technology topics.  This will include how to shape your organisation’s digital strategy, and real life examples of how other, similar organisations have used digital technology to their advantage, especially on a shoestring budget.  There will be sessions on building online communities, using mobile devices such as phones and tablets, social media, and how to create and more importantly maintain the best online presence you can. 

The event is jointly organised by the Shropshire Infrastructure Partnership, which gives guidance and support on all aspects of organisational/volunteering development to the voluntary sector, and the Get Shropshire Online Initiative, a project from the Shropshire Rural Community Council which helps individuals and community groups get online and use all kinds of digital technology. 

Renee Wallace, Services and Information Officer of the Shropshire Infrastructure Partnership, said:-

“In a national survey of charities in 2012 by Lasa, a digital technology charity, 78% of respondents stated that they believe their charity will miss out on funding opportunities if they fail to engage fully with digital.  We get so many questions from organisations on a variety of digital and technology-related topics, not just around the use of social media to reach more people, but also around fundraising, elearning and what sources of funding may be available to help them reach their digital potential.  Nationally, 66% of respondents in the Lasa survey believe that digital is essential to their charity’s survival in 2013.  This conference will give vital information and guidance to allow Shropshire’s voluntary sector to embark and stay on their digital journey.” 

For more information and to book http://shropshirevcs.org.uk/digiconf/ or phone 01743 342169. 

Futher information 

About the Shropshire Infrastructure Partnership

The Shropshire Infrastructure Partnership is a partnership of voluntary and community sector infrastructure organisations operating in Shropshire.  Partners are the Shropshire RCC, Oswestry Community Action, Shropshire sub-committee of the Pre-school Learning Alliance, Shropshire Youth Association, South Shropshire Furniture Scheme, Mid West Rural Enterprise, The Roy Fletcher Centre and Energize Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin. Infrastructure Support describes activities that improve the capacity and capability of voluntary and community organisations to achieve their objectives.  This includes the development of people including all aspects of volunteering, physical assets, management and governance, income generation, representation and performance improvement.

About Shropshire Rural Community Council

 Shropshire Rural Community Council (Shropshire RCC) aims to maintain and improve the quality of life in Shropshire, particularly in its rural communities, by encouraging and enabling voluntary effort.  In particular they strives to assist disadvantaged people and work for partnerships between the statutory, voluntary and private sectors.  As a charity, Shropshire RCC is funded by national and local government, charitable trusts, donations, affiliation fees and by selling our services and expertise as a local development agency. 

Get Shropshire Online

Shropshire RCC is a UK Online Centre and this funds the Shropshire wide project: ‘Get Shropshire Online’.  The aim of the project is to help build the capacity of communities and local groups to set up and maintain initiatives to promote the use of the Internet.  The project has focus on partnership working and is looking for partners and volunteers to get involved. 

‘Get Shropshire Online’ acts as a community hub, working with local partners from all sectors, from pubs to schools, supermarkets to sheltered housing providers, football teams to local media outlets.  They’ll build a network of volunteers to help pass IT on, aiming to get individuals and entire communities using computers and the internet to improve local lives, areas, and services.