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Cast your vote: Help Save the SpArC charity receive grant funding

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The Save the SpArC charity has been shortlisted for a £7,000 grant from the Calor Rural Community Fund, but they need your help to secure it.

If successful, the funding will enable a simple café to be installed at the SpArC leisure centre in Bishop’s Castle, Shropshire. The café will offer a space for people to meet, chat and have a coffee.

Having got through the first stage of the process, Save the SpArC charity have reached the public vote stage. This is where you can help.

The more votes the charity receive, the better their chances of securing a grant and being able to install the café.

The voting is open until 16 July. To give your vote, you can visit:

https://communityfund.calor.co.uk/wwwsavethesparccom takes you straight to our project.

https://communityfund.calor.co.uk/search/projects shows all live projects.

Casting your vote

To the right of the first photo on their page, there are two buttons:

  • Liked, which you press to give a vote
  • Support us, which you press to donate money (Since you are asked for a tip, you should know that all projects pay nearly 5% plus VAT for Crowdfunding costs)

In both cases, you need to give your name and email address.

If you choose to make a small donation when you vote, an additional 10 votes will be awarded to the cause which will give the charity a head start in the voting.  Save the SpArC understand that money is tight for some at the moment due to the pressures of COVID-19, so they are not asking you to do this.

However, if you could vote and encourage you friends and family to do the same, they would be very grateful. If you can ask 10 friends to vote and they do the same that would be fantastic!

Useful Links

SpArC leisure centre: https://shropshire.gov.uk/leisure-services/find-a-leisure-centre/sparc-bishops-castle/

Save the SpArC: https://savethesparc.org/