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Coronavirus: Decrease of 6% in COVID-19 cases 10-16 December, ahead of expected surge

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During the seven-day period between 10-16 December 2021: 

  • 1,548 new COVID-19 cases reported 
  • A decrease of 6% on the previous week 
  • The 7-day infection rate for Shropshire was 475.7 per 100,000 
  • It was 513.6 per 100,000 for the West Midlands, and 778.9 for England 
  • 26 hospital beds were occupied by COVID-19 patients 
  • 4 COVID-19-related deaths in a local hospital 
COVID-19 weekly stats 10-16 December 2021 infographic

COVID-19 weekly stats 10-16 December 2021

Rachel Robinson, Shropshire Council’s director of public health, said:- 

“Although we have seen a slight decrease in cases from 10-16 December, we expect to see a surge in cases during the Christmas and New Year periods. We want everyone to enjoy the festive period after what has been an incredibly challenging year, but I urge everyone to stay as safe as possible by using some simple measures. 

“With Omicron spreading rapidly across the country, please ensure you are fully vaccinated, and Boosted, to give yourself the best level of protection this Christmas. The Booster jab will offer you an added level of protection needed against this new, highly transmissible variant. If you’ve not had any vaccines yet – it’s not too late. First and second doses of the jab are still available, and you can get it at a walk-in clinic, pop-up clinic or by booking online here. 

“When are you meeting with family and friends, and with people you don’t normally mix with, it’s important to take a Lateral Flow Test to check for COVID-19 first. About 1 in 3 people with the virus do not have any symptoms, so could unknowingly pass it onto someone who is vulnerable.  

“The other key things we can all do is ensure indoor areas are well ventilated, keep washing your hands, wear a face covering where necessary, and keep your distance where possible. Reduce the number of your contacts where possible. These measures will help to slow the spread of the virus.” 

Simon Jones, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for adult social care and public health, added:-

“I appreciate 2021 has been yet another tough year, and people understandably want to celebrate with their loved ones over the Christmas holidays. We can all take actions like using Lateral Flow Tests, opening a window and getting vaccinated and Boosted, to try and stay safe and well. 

“Finally, thank you to everyone who has played their part in trying to keep Shropshire a safe place to live, work and visit this year.”