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New machine tackles Shropshire potholes more quickly and effectively

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A new way of tackling potholes and other defects more quickly and effectively has been introduced across the Shropshire Council area following a successful trial.

Since the Multevo Multihog road planer machine was officially adopted in late March 2021, the volume of the road network repaired has risen to around 150m² per gang each day, with three teams now deployed across the county. This means an average of 9,000m² of road could be now treated each month.

The Multihog planes off the road surface to enable a squared-off hole to be filled by a following gang. It’s quicker than having to saw-cut and break-out the defective road by hand.

Using the Multihog the council can reduce the likelihood of potholes forming in the short- to-medium term and cut-down on the need for road closures.

You can find out more about the used of the Mulithog in Shropshire in this short video.

Steve Charmley, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member with responsibility for highways, said:

“With our contractor Kier we carried out a series of trials using different machines and methods aimed at finding a more permanent and cost-effective way of tackling problematic potholes.

“Trials of the Multihog showed dramatic improvements in permanent road repairs, and it will now form an important part of our strategy to deliver meaningful repairs, which will improve the county’s roads.”

James Birch, managing director of Kier, Local Highways, said:

“Utilising the Multihog is very fast, it’s efficient, it’s cost-effective, and it reduces the health and safety risk to our teams.

“This process also reduces the time required on site, which greatly reduces disruption for road users.”

Josh Sweeney, director of marketing & growth at Multevo, said:

“We are very proud to be able to work as part of the Shropshire Highways Alliance to bring about significant advantages to the network and people who use it.”